January, 2021

5 Men’s Fashion Trends to Keep for 2021

It has been in the news that minimalism and neutral colors will be in the trends for 2021. There are many styles and trends from 2020 that will continue to 2021. And all these syles don’t have to be boring, since men’s fashion is evolving day by day and even patterns and loose styles. Have a look at the following 5 men’s fashion trends to keep for 2021.

A Bomber Jacket

Other than oversized jackets, one of the classic looks that men will get to keep in 2021 will be that of the bomber jacket. For a more trendy appearance, a bomber jacket can be paired with loose and large shirts that go down the waist. Since the jacket’s length is usually till the waist, this will be one of the most trendy looks. Shop Miami Vibes very own Bomber Jacket here

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Work From Home Outfits

2021 will see us having to spend more time inside and continue working from home. Keeping that in mind, men need to look stylish while attending all those meetings or even while working to keep themselves motivated. A dark or light-toned collared shirt would be the best choice, along with a blue or black blazer, if required.

Big Loose Shirts

These should be kept in the trends for 2021 because there are two ways to go about them. You can either wear them as they are, or you can even wear them tucked in, with a little bit sagging outside for a completely different look.

Oversized Coats and Jackets
Just like with the bomber jacket, oversized coats will be popular in 2021. And they don’t have to be simple at all you can keep the colors neutral or even with a bit of pop, along with patterns like checks and stripes.

A Monotonous Look

This is the look that is also more commonly known as the ‘overall’ look. This year people have been going towards minimalism and keeping a single color and simple look helps keep the minimalistic trend alive. This can also be done using a turtlenecked shirt along with a pair of trousers of the same color.

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