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48 Hours in Miami:

Quiet adventures

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Traveling to Miami

Are you planning a journey to the magic city of Miami (or a local) and looking for the best new year itinerary reset? Then this article is for you. Keep reading to discover some amazing places you can visit in your next tour to Miami for ultimate peace and quiet.

Cauley square

Cauley Square, located on 10 acres of the street, is a beautiful collection of old Florida homes, shops, restaurants, farms, and gardens. South of Miami-Dade County, close to US-1, 224th Street. The town survived the storm, neglect, and destruction until the city was called the “historic site” in 1994. Now the town has begun its first major change since Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Andrew has rebuilt. The annual celebrations of Cauley Square Historic Village include old cars and all the health, as well as fun, Christmas, and Easter celebrations for the kids. Ensure you check the list of shops and restaurants when planning your visit.

Traveling to Miami

Schnebly Redland's Winery & Brewery

This destination is just some drive from downtown Miami to the south then on a long country road, you will arrive at a site surrounded by plains, lush palm trees, and a large blue sky. This is the Redland of South Dade, far from the bright, turbulent skies of Miami country and city life. It also hosts the Schnebly Redland Winery, an estate with a fresh subtropical approach to wine production.

Rather than making wines from grapes, Peter Schnebly makes wine from tropical fruit like mangoes, lychees, passion fruit, guava, star fruit, coconut, and avocado. Over the years, his vision has evolved into a restaurant, not only its farms but also Miami Brewing Co. and Redlander Restaurant.


Coral Castle Museum

Located between the Florida Keys and Miami, it is home to the Coral Castle Sculpture Garden and Museum in Homestead, Florida. The choir was built by Edward Lidskalnin in 1923-1951. Ed mysteriously hauled and shaped more than 1,100 tons of rock in one night to create a place often known as the Stonehenge of America. No one saw him build the Coral Fortress. Scientists, engineers, and scientists today do not know how a 5-foot-tall, 100-pound man can create such sculptures without using any form of technology.

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The Barnacle Historic State Park

Constructed in 1891, the Barnacle offers a neighborhood that reflects the life during the Bay era, when all trips from and to Miami were made by sea. Located on the Biscayne Bay’s shore, it is home to Ralph Middleton Munroe, one of Coconut Grove’s most interesting and useful pioneers. Munroe maintained the forest on his field, cutting along the track of a pickup truck, which was wide enough for a single vehicle. Therefore, the property has a lot of large, old trees.

The park is a popular spot for wildlife viewing. All year round you can see doves, woodpeckers, owls, herons, pelicans, kingfishers, and cormorants. Visitors can also participate in a treasure hunt with geocaching. You can enhance your parking experience with a picnic in the shade. There are picnic tables in the front yard of Pavilion Micco, which can be used for private events during the day.

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Artechhouse is a pioneering art space that connects art and audiences through the exhibition of experimental and technological works by artists who are on the frontier of the newest art and technology.

If you want an immersive and awesome experience in Magic City, then the best place you can head to is Artechouse. Situated on Collins Avenue, you never know what to expect when you first enter the White House. But when you walk in, you'll be thrilled with shows that combine art with science and technology in new ways. There is never a dulling moment, flashlights, and other installations.

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