You Are Getting Sleepy:
Hypnotherapy with Judi Pasos

   transform & manifest   |   Posted on March 20, 2018  

Hypnotherapy with Judi Pasos

Why hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for transformation?

Hypnosis is inducing the client into a relaxed suggestible state and then offering post hypnotic suggestions for relief of symptoms. Hypnotherapy is different because it works by reprogramming the subconscious through resolving inner conflicts and dissolving inner trauma, to give you the ability emerge as your most authentic self. 

To get to the place your subconscious mind was designed to be before all the worldly agreements and stories were placed on it and you without your approval. These agreements and stories stick deeply in your subconscious because they occur usually during the first 0-14 years of you life. The age range of 0-5 is most impactful for your subconscious because a young child’s brain is mainly in theta and alpha brainwave.  They are little sponges during this period and they learn most rapidly. During hypnotherapy, we bring your body to a deeply relaxed state and your mind to an alpha/theta state which allows the facilitator to access the subconscious mind while still in a conscious state. 

People tend to retrieve forgotten memories or memories they never knew existed. When we target the “trigger issue” and the“limiting belief” about yourself in this state we are able to float back to the initial person/incident that may have caused the limiting belief. Examples of limiting beliefs being, “I am not good enough, I can’t trust anyone, I am not loveable” and so forth. When we target the“touchstone” moment and resign it reprogram it, re-imagine it so that it is a healing moment that limiting belief shifts to a positive adaptable belief. And when we reprogram a belief in the subconscious state it usually takes a strong hold just like it did when we were young. Transformation is born out of the self conscious.

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