June 1, 2021

Cultivating Magical Experiences:
Ethically sourced, for the people by the people.

Xol Coffee, a true game-changer.

Word / Gelsandra Guzman | IG: gelsandra_guzman

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Xol Coffee is rooted in impact, in social responsibility, and the constant celebration of its production line all the way from its farmers to the consumer.

Specialty Coffee

When you build a brand or a business in today’s day in age it could be challenging, our consumer is educating themselves on fair trade, sustainability, impact and your brand story as well as the presence. Your purchasing power must be backed up with a healthy blend of factual information together with intuition and emotion. Best said by the Founder and CEO of XOL Coffee, Ximena Adamo, we are here to provide quality coffee with excellence, but more importantly it's about creating an
experience, for our consumer to tell the story and embrace the magical moment.

Specialty Coffee

Xol Coffee is cultivated in Colombia and now other countries from Central and South America. The sole priority of the brand is to make an impact globally as per the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, meeting 13 out of the 17 points in the world-wide agenda. There are people that talk the talk, and never walk the walk, the team at XOL is doing both successfully. When you follow your passion to create change in the world, to give back to the community, to educate and to honor the people around you, greatness will follow.

Specialty Coffee

Xol Coffee features the crafting of specialty and varietal coffee. Every batch of coffee beans is selected based on a point system which establishes the highest quality for our consumer in every sip. Drinking coffee has become a ritual for many, a moment that you look forward to, a way to remain grounded and promote just how beautiful it is to be self-aware and present. With XOL we want you to enjoy that beautiful cup of coffee knowing you are part of the global change in the world, you are helping the