Posted on December 30, 2018

Wok Star!

Cooking vibes with Elenor Hoh

Wok Star! That’s what Eleanor Hoh calls herself but she’s quick to point out that ANYONE can be a Wok Star, you just need the right tools and techniques. Over the last two decades, her Wok Star project has evolved from a “chop-and-chat”, recipe based cooking class in her Key West home kitchen to a full blown, “heads on” cooking class hosted by top kitchen design showrooms and unique venues like Solesdi Boffi, Italkraft Aventura, Strato Ambienti and Patch of Heaven Sanctuary. 


You never know who you’ll meet, busy CEOs, designers, doctors, attorneys, health-conscious eaters, all enjoy the camaraderie in class.


Attendees have included legendary movie director Alan Metter (Police Academy, Back to School with Roger Dangerfield) and Grammy Award winning violinist, Daniela Padron. Guests are motivated to learn how to simplify their cooking, try a delicious approach to a diet or express their creativity in a new way. 

Eleanor’s easy, healthy, one-dish dinners eliminate recipes and measuring. In her class, she simplifies the cooking process and ingredients she learned from her mom to just 4 seasonings. She boasts, “Once you master that, you’re able to create hundreds of your own variations.”