The Man Cave

March 1, 2021

Why SSDs are so Important for Your Next PC Build


The Hard Disk Drive or the HDD has had a huge reign as king of the storage capacities. It has remained as the go-to option for almost everyone that gets a PC built. The reason for this is the high capacity and cheap price of HDDs, but the downside to having HDDs is the slow speed at which they circulate information.

SSDs or Solid State Drives are a new and modern form of storage devices that have slowly begun replacing HDDs and are taking over in this new age of technology. SSDs are much faster than HDDs, though they are expensive but they come with huge benefits. 

We will be discussing SSDs and comparing them to HDDs to let you know, as gamers, why you should be opting for an SSD as one of the KEY components in your next gaming setup, or gaming laptop.


Now with HDDs, the main draw is their price when compared to their high storage capacity. 1TB HDD’s cost around $40 and that is a lot of space for such a small price in a lot of people’s opinions. SSDs however will be much more costly in their prices, ranging from around $50-$70 for a 256GB SSD. This comparison might be unfair though because SSDs are just better in every regard, as I will explain now;

SSDs when compared to your standard HDD have around a 35-100 microsecond access speed. This means that they are at the very least a 100x times faster than the HDD. Faster access speed basically means that the programs that you are trying to run will run much quicker than they would in your standard HDD. Especially programs that take way longer to load and require a lot of access speed such as the windows operating system or heavier games with load times that would last for about a minute would be cut down to 20 seconds or even less with an SSD. Not to mention it would help in providing a faster experience overall with no stutters to boot.

SSDs use flash memory, these essentially provide better memory and reliability than the HDD, flash memory basically means that the SSD chips store data without any external power source. So if your PC gets a BSOD (BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH) you can at the very least be sure that your data won’t be corrupted because of a random crash.

SSDs have a compact design, which means that the users can have much more space in their case, it won’t take a huge space in your PC case and will let your PC remain light and manageable.