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December 4, 2020

The Auto-industry & 
its evolution in Miami

Auto-industry and its evolution in Miami

The auto-industry in Miami has evolved through the years. An entrepreneur, Cart Graham Fisher was quite interested in auto-racing which made him a settler and a booster

of the automotive industry in Miami.

He is a pioneer who holds the title to set the real estate market in Miami, Florida. Fisher along with his friends set up a resort known as Miami Beach which was declared as the centre of auto-industry and have evolved through years to make Miami what it is today, the leading states in auto-industry. The US economy generates 3.5 percent of its GDP from automotives and this owes largely to Miami. With more than 450 organizations of automotives, Miami stands out among other states in the auto-industry. With leading and prime organizations like Arrigo auto group, Morgan auto group, Autobon leasing, Import Image


Racing and Autotropolis, the future of Miami automobile is foreseen to be impressive and ahead of time. The extensive list of companies that produce exemplary, electric and innovative vehicles do not end with these five stated. The two companies that dominate the rest are Toyota and Honda and this fact clearly shows how interested people of Miami are in the family-friendly and affordable vehicles. The first six best-sellers vehicles were all from these two companies which have earned the reputation through their remarkable and exemplary cars. The stats also include the fleet as well as leased vehicles.


The people of Miami have always preferred the mid-size sedans whereas the entire other nation is full of truck enthusiasts. The Camrys had a decline of 20 percent whereas civic sales were down by 15 percent. The Audi e-tron and BMW i3 are just few among many electric vehicles manufactured in Miami. The flying cars are a comparatively newer concept which has taken over the headlines. Miami is again the master of that. The flying car will be released in the paramount complex ,Miami. The car will be able to land and take-off from the roof of the complex. The car will also have a capability to drive on the roads when needed. With excellent flying speed and driving range, the idea and manufacture of flying cars unfolds a little of what Miami is capable of.


We expect the industry to have incredible growth in the near future. The auto-industry brings new concepts and innovative technologies each year to be incorporated into the vehicles to make them perform incredibly and have remarkable power. When we see the shocking evolution of the auto-industry in Miami, we become sure of advanced technologies to be seen in near future.

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