We Dream in Symbols

Posted on February 27, 2018  |   words / Pamela Wasabi     |    health & fitness

The brain thinks in symbols. We dream in symbols. Food, collectively speaking, is a symbol of love. Our first understanding of affection and nourishment was when we were first born and brought to our mother’s chest. Nourishment took the form of our mother’s milk, which was accompanied by her gentle touch, her soft caressing, and her warm skin—all symbols of love.


Since then, we grew up corresponding food with love and nourishment. In Ayurvedic philosophy, sweet and dairy are also symbols of nourishment. Sweet plays a primordial role in cooking. According to this belief, it’s necessary to include the sweet taste in their dishes as it transmits a sense of nourishment trough their food. In our western culture, conversely our curse is being addicted to sugar.


This curse, which is in fact a symbol of our crying soul, must be addressed by the root. That is, seeking within where in our life are we denying ourselves nourishment. Since our mind thinks in symbols, we fulfilled our need for nourishment with food addictions.

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