Posted on December 30, 2018

Walker's Realm of Fashion

Miami-based fashion blogger, Bianka Walker is a favorite among these parts with her super chill trendy attire. She shared with us some beauty tips and much much more...

What made you start blogging? 

I love fashion and always have. I starter doing it since I moved to Miami because I thought it was the time and place to do it. I started meeting a lot of people that did the same and I had a special connection with them and the brands that I was working with. I started being so passionate about what I was doing I decided it was not only a hobby but it was a career. I love what I do and feel so lucky! Work hard pays off! 

What has been the most exciting moment since being a fashion influencer?

The most exciting moment was the first event I hosted and talked in public. It was so exciting and I was so nervous I still can remember. Now, it's normal for me to speak in public, talk about my experience and give tips to upcoming bloggers. I enjoy it more than I ever thought I did!

What is your favorite fashion brand?

This is a tricky question. I really don't have a favorite one. Now a days, with so many brands on the market it's impossible to have one for everything. I buy things everywhere. Depending if I like the piece and price, I really don't care about the brand.

What would you consider your favorite item of clothing to be?

Jackets OF COURSE. If you follow me on Instagram you know that. I believe they are the perfect piece to complete an outfit. You can literally be wearing leggings and a t-shirt and you can make that an amazing look by wearing a statement jackets. I know it sounds completely weird that I'm saying this because I live in Miami, but I still wear them all the time.

"I know it sounds completely weird that I'm saying this because I live in Miami, but I still wear jackets 
ALL the time."

What kind of attire would you wear?

I would definitely wear a cute dress with sneakers. Loving this new trend and would rock it for brunch! A nice day dress with sandals would be cute if you're not into the sneaker trend. I also say dressing up for brunch has to be cute and comfy, so you don't have to go home and change afterwards. 

Best beauty product of all time?

For me, canceler. I suffer from dark circles under my eyes and this product saves me every time. Sometimes I don't even wear foundation and only apply some concealer and blush and I am ready to go (ok, being honest that's my everyday makeup routine)

Hair “done” or messy?

The most important thing in my look is my hair. I always try to have it done. Some people have their natural hair and it looks amazing! But mine, is so frizzy that I need to do it for sure. 

I also say dressing up for brunch has to be cute and comfy, so you don't have to go home and change afterwards. 

Makeup or no makeup? If yes for makeup, favorite brand?

Depends on the occasion, During the week I go no make-up. I honestly only wear makeup when I go out or have an event. I try not to use it much so my face can be cleaner. One of my favorite brands is NYX, I've been working with them for a while and I absolutely love the quality vs. price. They last a long time! Another one I've been working with and have been obsessed with lately is Urban Decay. Their products are out of this world!

What's the deal? Flat, heels or sneakers? 

SNEAKERS! Killed me with this one! I could talk for hours about this. Let's say that for me, the best BEST fashion trend lately, has been sneakers. OMG I can't even explain how much you can wear them. I use sneakers everyday. I have them in every color, shape and hight. I think that we can mix and match sneakers with formal clothing to make the outfit more fashionable and we can use it with denim or t-shirts to make it less formal. This trend is so versatile!


What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 

As I mentioned on the last one, sneakers! I love statement sunnies too. Talking about sneakers, my favorite current fashion trend is "Chunky Sneakers"

To get us out our way, what would you say is you favorite brunch place in Miami?

There are SO many cool places to eat brunch at in Miami. This one is a difficult one! One of my to-goes is GreenStreet Cafe at Coconut Grove. For my second option I would go to Verde at the Perez Museum. 

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