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3 Vegan Clothing Stores that Promote a Vegan Lifestyle in Miami

Who wants to look chic while saving the planet? Welcome to the world of eco-friendly, vegan clothing stores that not only sell products that help make the world a better place, but also encourage an environmentally friendly lifestyle. As model, Lauren White says, “Cruelty-free fashion is an act of resistance, and I find beauty in that”.

Clothing Rack


Sophie Zembra, born and raised in France, believed that it is possible to have both sustainability and fashion. She opened a store called Antidote in Miami. The store showcases a collection of fashion brands each with a valuable story to be told. Her selection of designers is vibrant and relevant to the fashion scene.


Antidote does not only provide vegan and eco-friendly fashion items, but also aim to promote a green lifestyle. In Sophie’s interview with Vogue, she explained that she had previously worked in a world of textile design where she witnessed pollution and unethical practices. She soon decided that she couldn’t create something that isn’t friendly to the environment. All she wants is, “good looking clothes made by good people with good yarns”.


Sustainable clothing brand Reformation is a celeb favored store in Miami’s Design District. It was started by model, Yael Afalo, who is now the CEO. Their specialty is using excess fabric and creating exquisite fashion pieces from that. Their selection ranges from beautiful summer dresses to easy-going, everyday jeans. A-listers, Taylor Swift and Rihanna, have been seen wearing their dazzling clothes.


Reformation does not only sell vegan friendly, ecological products to the public, but they also feel strongly that sustainability is at the center of their mission to the world. They encourage knowledge about resource use, climate change and other impacts that the fashion world has on the planet.

The Nomad Tribe

At the Nomad Tribe all the brands that are up for grabs give back to the world in some way. These brands not only care about the products that they produce but also take good care of the people that makes it. The textiles for their products are imported from Peru and each garment has a little trim on it displaying that it is indeed handmade.


The creative director Valeria Salino believes that, “It matters what we choose to buy”. If the consumer is passionate about sustainable fashion, then it is much easier to promote an eco-friendly, green and vegan lifestyle.

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