January 1, 2021

3 Vegan Clothing Stores that Promote a Vegan Lifestyle in Miami

Who wants to look chic while saving the planet? Welcome to the world of eco-friendly, vegan clothing stores that not only sell products that help make the world a better place, but also encourage an environmentally friendly lifestyle. As model, Lauren White says, “Cruelty-free fashion is an act of resistance, and I find beauty in that”.

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Sophie Zembra, born and raised in France, believed that it is possible to have both sustainability and fashion. She opened a store called Antidote in Miami. The store showcases a collection of fashion brands each with a valuable story to be told. Her selection of designers is vibrant and relevant to the fashion scene.


Antidote does not only provide vegan and eco-friendly fashion items, but also aim to promote a green lifestyle. In Sophie’s interview with Vogue, she explained that she had previously worked in a world of textile design where she witnessed pollution and unethical practices. She soon decided that she couldn’t create something that isn’t friendly to the environment. All she wants is, “good looking clothes made by good people with good yarns”.