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Posted on December 29, 2018


words / Cybil Bonhomme     |      Photography / Wes Klain

Model Alisha Tallarico: Canada bred, Cali fed but yearning to end up in Miami. Continue reading to find out why Miami has become this model's

"must" move to city.


Model Alisha Tallarico is from Vancouver, Canada. Modeling wasn’t always what she wanted to do, in fact, she wanted to be a dancer her entire life. However, when she moved to LA on an entertainment visa, she attended a few model castings for fun and ended up booking. She has been modeling ever since, going on to three years now. 

Alisha decided to move to LA, because duh, that’s where all the opportunities are! Originally as a dancer that’s where she needed to be. Auditions for music videos, backup dancing etc are all in LA! She had originally gone to a dance workshop for a week in LA at 18, and realized she never wanted to leave. She flew back home and worked on her entertainment visa and was finally approved five years later. 

Her biggest cheerleaders are her parents. They helped her move to LA and supported all her crazy trips to New York and Miami in any way they could.

Facetune-12-12-2018-16-33-01 (1).JPG

They have been chasing the dream with her all the way from Vancouver. Her granny (who passed away four years ago) was another one of Alisha’s big supporters and would constantly boast to others how talented she was. Alisha quotes, “I would have loved to have her seen me walk a runway but I know she’s looking down on me!

Alisha LOVES the runway! She has been in LAFW, NYFW, and Miami Swim Week. Walking for multiple designers a day, traveling, the hustle and bustle...all of these have been great experiences for her. She was also casted for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit while she was in Miami...that's pretty cool! 

She admires Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin’s street style. She definitely has a more edgier fashion sense herself and expressed how much she doesn’t fancy wearing dresses and skirts. 


"I love Miami's vibe!"

While Alisha was in Miami for Swim Week she got to experience a few gorgeous hotels, but the one that stood out the most was the Delano. “It has a gorgeous pool with cute Cabanas and the nightclub inside is a great spot!” Clearly Alisha enjoyed the Delano! 

Alisha’s dream modeling job is to walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show as well as model for their online and in-store selections. 

During her time off, Alisha is always brainstorming and coming up with ideas to better herself at modeling and how to make more money! “I love setting goals and coming up with game plans to work towards. Notebooks are my best friend!”  When her mind isn’t going a mile a minute, she enjoys sitting back and watching Friends on Netflix...don't we all?!

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