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November 10, 2020

What was once the norm with inviting your pals over to crown around the sofa has become complete obsolete with multiplayer gaming being done online, connecting us with both friends and strangers around the world. With most games played comes the top most popular games of 2020.

Have you been playing the top 5? 


Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the biggest franchises in all of gaming, ever since the release of its original 2D Top Down view game, it has been racking up cash for Rockstar all around. With the release of Grand Theft Auto V, came Grand Theft Auto online, a fully fleshed out multiplayer mode where you create your character, and cause mayhem with your friends. Grand Theft Auto online has hundreds of activities for you and your friends to engage in, but the main appeal of this mode are the heists.

I have completed all of the heists with my friends and I think it’s safe to say that they are some of the best experiences in all of online gaming by a long shot, scouting out places and then role playing as bank robbers as you infiltrate and steal from the elite of Los Santos is insanely fun to do, with new updates pouring in every other month, the game remains fresh and as relevant as ever, progressing onto next gen as one of the biggest games of all time, so grab your gear your buddies for a thrill ride unlike any other in Los Santos.


Among Us, among many other things that you can call it is a social game. A game where interacting and being aware of your surroundings is the biggest key to a victory. The game is available on both PC and phone, and has seen a huge increase in popularity for the game both player-wise and viewership across platforms such as Twitch and YoutTube recently, it is mainly because of the game having an incredibly simple premise and even easier to learn gameplay loop.

The game has two roles, Crewmates and Imposters. The crewmates are supposed to finish the tasks and fill up the bar completely to win or they have to figure out who the imposters are so they can vote them out and win even faster, the imposters on the other hand, are supposed to sneak around and sabotage the crewmates by killing them until they have an equal ratio of imposters and crewmates, which results in their win. The game is very inclusive because it is easier to learn, and is available on iOS and Android, and the fact that you can also be helpful to your fellow crewmates if you die as you can finish your remaining tasks while being in ghost form!


Ever since its initial release back in May of 2019, Minecraft has evolved exponentially into one of the biggest games of all time, with players all young and old still playing it and more players entering the Minecraft scene, the game’s popularity has remained healthy and it has made the game remain relevant.

Minecraft started out as a game solely focused on being a survival experience that can be played with any budget computers that you have, but has evolved into a creative HUB for many players to experiment with, hundreds of different game modes have been created by players and new additions to the game such as Ray-Tracing and updates have kept the game fresh for all players for a decade.


League of Legends has by far been the biggest game in Esports history; it has some of the biggest organizations backing it and has become a staple in modern video games. It is an online multiplayer battle arena game, with more than 151 playable champions in the game right now, and more popping up with each season, the game has remained relevant for the past decade and is still somehow trudging along and gaining both viewers and players.

The Esports scene is the biggest benefactor for League, the players are paid hundreds of thousands, while the organizations receive millions worth of exposure, and it is truly a thriving example of Esports all around the world. The game has had some of the largest numbers in Twitch and YouTube viewership across every single region, and with the developers hell bent on trying to keep supporting the game, it will continue to do well.


What can I say about Fortnite that hasn’t been said already? Fortnite is Epic Games’ crown jewel, it is a prized possession unlike anything else, the game has become a staple in popular culture. Fortnite dances and emotes have been spread like wildfire on all social media, Fortnite has also had some of the biggest collaborations in video game history, with Disney’s Star Wars, Aquaman from the DCEU, Deadpool, John Wick, a plethora of streamers and even Marvel’s Avengers being added to the game as playable characters.

Fortnite has a unique spin on the Battle Royale genre, with the addition of harvesting materials and using these materials to create structures for protection and vantage points, aside from that the game gets update semi-regularly, which creates for new content always popping up, with new skins and weapons being added every other day. Fortnite also has some of the most buyer friendly battle passes, if you buy it once, you will have enough in game currency to buy it again because the battle pass gives it to you.

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