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May 25th, 2021

Top fashionable looks for Men in 2021

Word / Miami Vibes Magazine | IG: miamivibesmag

Top fashionable looks for men in

The culture of Miami Beach and the party sets the stage for a unique fashion approach. It may seem that there are no fashion trends for 2021 since we spent most of our time indoors in 2020.


But actually, it's quite opposite. Men's apparel is not trapped in the same spot and it has improved in many ways with color and design choices.

Miami is one of the many fashion hubs in the United States, particularly for beach and swimwear. Miamians love color and designer brands so you'll probably come across various new trends.

When planning what to wear, remember that year-round temperatures in the subtropical climate tend to stay above 75°F.  Rain is also possible during all seasons. Don't worry if your style is in revealing clothes. Brighter outfits will help you fit in better.


There are many choices when you choose how you will look in Miami on a lovely hot summer day. Risque cutouts and bodycon dresses are common in Miami. People even wear them in the daytime. This style is primarily attributed to the Latinx culture that lives here and is interested in living a vibrant life and enjoying every moment with music and dance.


It doesn't matter if you're wearing expensive clothes or not if the colors don't agree with each other.  So your clothing should be color coordinated regardless of what you wear. When buying pants, consider light cotton or linen fabrics. These fabrics not only feel good on the body, but they also let the air move about so that your body stays cool irrespective of the event. Shorts are perfect for style and comfort whenever you walk or roam around. They'll keep you cool. Shorts should not be casual, and you can wear them with a button-down or a simple t-shirt. You wanna look cooler? Maybe add a neck-scarf with a V-neck t-shirt. You can pair it with a button-down short sleeve with the buttons undone to keep it fresh but stylish. Or you can follow the trend of big loose shirts. You may wear it normally or get it tucked in with a bit sagging outward for a different look. As for the prints- solids or thin striped shirts are fine but tropical flora and fauna prints are always favorable as they are more vibrant looking. 


As the pandemic is still going on in 2021,  many men have to work from home. No wonder they need to look stylish while attending all those meetings or even while working to keep themselves motivated. So a dark or light-tone-colored shirt with a black or blue blazer (if needed) could be a nice option.


Men with trendy fashion sense while visiting Miami should be prepared for warm to hot weather with some occasional rain. Dress in lightweight, breathable clothing and bring plenty of shorts and t-shirts. For night outs, be sure to wear nice clothes, long pants, and closed-toe shoes to ensure entry into various venues like nightclubs. Don’t wear your flip-flops at parties though! In the winter the temperature drops in the evening and sometimes it's very windy, which is why if you're going to a beach party a leather jacket might be the best thing to wear at night.  

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