Posted on August 23, 2018

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Words / Angie Garcia 

As a native of the Magic City, where the weather permits us to spend time on beach or be out on the boat year round, I always find an excuse to be out in my favorite bikini. 

Miami has been one of my many inspirations to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep up with a beach bod. I wasn’t always a gym junkie. It started with a sudden interest in bodybuilding. I decided I was going to train for an NPC competition. It was during my training and studying of nutrition that I realized that you don’t have to eliminate everything delicious and fun from your life to look great. 

Practicing balance was as tough on my mind as it was for my body; but, ultimately it’s where my love for health began. Mastering a healthy medium allows you to initiate a lifestyle change. 

Once I found balance in my routine, I found that it was easier for me to fit the gym into my schedule one way or another. Essentially it all comes down to three things to maintain a great physique: clean eating, a cardio routine, and a weight lifting routine. By simply implementing these into your fitness plan you will see a major improvement in your physique and overall health. I often get asked if I only train in the gym and the answer is no!

I totally recommend keeping your workouts interesting. Aside from the gym, I am currently working with Natalia at Moving Artist Dance Company, where I offer a booty glow up class on Wednesdays. There is also a ‘heel class’  on Thursdays that allows you to bring your sexy back with a one hour choreographed dance routine in your heels. I think it’s such a fun way to spice up your cardio workout! 

Angie Garcia @ tinyfit_chic
Photography / Scott Howell

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