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August 1, 2021

This Summer make it over ice with

XOL Coffee- Cold Brew:

Every Summer has a Story…

Word / Gelsandra Guzman | IG: gelsandra_guzman

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And this Summer we invite you to enjoy XOL Coffee for endless reasons.

What drives our story founded by a strong and passionate Latina entrepreneur is her love to travel. As an avid, frequent world traveler, she wanted to create a brand that delivered a product that maintained its high quality standards in convenient formats. XOL Coffee delivers the best-in-class Specialty and Varietal Coffee to all of the coffee lovers worldwide.

This time around- Summer 2021- we are ready to reclaim our confidence and feel the sense of liberation. As we prepare to take advantage of the world slowly reopening, we can envision hot summer nights in the sexy, tropical city of Miami, a place where we bring sexy back with class and confidence.

We feel in our hearts the uneasy joy we discovered when we first hugged friends after being vaccinated. The quarantine had given us extra time with our partners, children or ourselves, a time to sit in stillness, days to write, and the comforting patterns of repetition. But the opportunity to break out of it is a relief, nonetheless.

Even with the dread that may accompany it, beach days, boat parties, brunch dates, hot summer nights in Miami, is all healthy, much needed liberation. The things and places and people we have loved and will love are craving that connection.

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While you reminisce about hot summer nights in Miami running wild and free, XOL Coffee is channeling the heat by creating the best-in-class experience. 

By shifting your coffee senses over to Cold Brew. With XOL Coffee ensuring that every cup of coffee meets the highest standards, and that you are able to sip and enjoy anytime and anywhere changes everything. Cold-Brew coffee is made by steeping the best-in-class beans in room temperature water for an average of 6-12 hours. Cold-Brew enthusiasts say it's much smoother and less acidic, much more enjoyable for those endless summer days.

For those that might seem wary about integrating yourself into society and in person events, we’ve got you covered, as you enjoy barbeque shenanigans and more intimate gatherings close to home. Cold Brew could also be made in the comfort of your own home, it’s much simpler than you might think. Just remember to start steeping your XOL Coffee Beans the night before you want to enjoy them. Then, all that’s left to do is strain, pour, and mix with equal parts of water or milk. Great way to transition in style anytime and anywhere.

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As you are enjoying the experience of Cold Brew with XOL Coffee you are cognizant of the primary focus as a company is to ethically source the finest beans from Colombia, and now other countries from Central and South America. XOL Coffee is serving you as a lifestyle brand and community, focused on contributing to the environment, giving back to the community and offering the best-in-class coffee there exists. 


Are you taking yours to-go OR are you preparing from home?


Either way your heart is investing and making a difference. 


We love you!

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