The Man Cave

Jube  8, 2021

The Man Cave: Why men need one?

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the man cave

When we visualize the term ‘cave’ in our minds, a picture of muddy floors with dusty walls bearing an optional choice of artistry signifying the heroics of our distant cousins Homo Neanderthals may pop into our minds. In turn, which can leave a picture of discomfort and a life of endless toil.


In contrast, Mancave refers to a completely different illustration of a life of comfort, idleness to men after a day or period of work. To provide them with a well-earned break from work. Basically, it is a getaway for men to be themselves and to do things generally men do with the added flavor of manly companionship far away from female grasp. A man cave can be set up outside or inside the confinements of home, it can be anywhere. Loosely saying a simple lounge chair can become a ‘men only’ territory given the consent of female exclusion.

The purposes of a man cave can be many. It is a place to unwind after a hard day of work, maybe for a gaming session during a slow day, or maybe to hang out with boys with some cold drink or just to lie down on the sofa for an untimely nap. A quiet retreat for men is one of the basic purposes of a man cave. One of the most important features of a man cave is to refresh a man from the emotional, physical and psychological stress. Thus, reinvigorating a man to face the upcoming physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. Decompressing and refilling of energy also brings a balance to family life. 


A man cave is designed exclusively according to the tastes of its owner. Therefore, it can take the shape of a poster-filled room of a football fanboy, or a sanctuary of comic books in mint condition of an avid comics fan with a shelf or two for the action figures; or just a game room for friends including a pool table. It provides a male with the option of a safe house where he can indulge in activities that he likes to perform regardless of his age. No matter how well suited a partner one is, they will have varying interests. So, a man cave offers the choice of doing something childish even at a ripe age. It is a place where one can stick to their unique hobbies. A man cave can be used to watch sports matches and socializing with friends without disturbing other members of the family. A man cave is a cost-effective process in the sense that the expenditure is a lot less compared to other relaxing outdoor activities.


Last but not the least, it also clears a pathway for much-needed space in today's world for one’s partner for a flourishing relationship. In fine, a man cave provides a relaxed state necessary for new ideas and insights to face the upcoming challenges and keep the serene balance between life and work.


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