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Posted on March 20, 2018  |   interview / Tamaya Rodzy with Sweat440    |       health & fitness

Sweat440 is the new hot spot to workout in Sunset Harbor Miami Beach, you get a total body workout and a good sweat in only 40 minutes ! We love how fun it is and the energy so we wanted to take the opportunity to meet and interview the founders who have successfully launched a new concept in town. Let’s get to know them !

So tell us a little bit about yourself. Professional background etc… Have you always been a fitness passionate?
Matt: When I found out I could major in working out my Sophmore year at UNC, I thought, “count me in”! So I did major in Exercise and Sports Science at the University of North Carolina and have made a career in the fitness industry ever since. I started off as a personal trainer for a large commercial gym, and then started my own mobile personal training business a couple years after moving to Miami Beach.

Cody: I was born and raised in Wyoming where I always had a lot of interest in exercise and sports. I studied Exercise Physiology and decided to pursue my career in fitness. I worked for the cruiselines and several gym before finally opening a personal training studio of my own in 2010. I started out with myself and 4 trainers and have grown that to about 25 trainers now. Then the opportunity came for Matt and I to partner up and launch Sweat440 and it’s been an
amazing experience!

How did you come up with the concept for Sweat440?
Matt: I believe both Cody and I saw an opportunity to provide something truly unique to the boutique fitness community. I personally was never one for group fitness classes, but the number one complaint I heard from my clients and friends was how inconvenient it was to work their busy schedules around the class times that their favorite studios offered. By organizing our class structure to start a new small group every 10 minutes, we have effectively eliminated that inconvenience, and really, one of the largest excuses to working out.

Cody: I have taught group fitness in the past although I was primarily a personal trainer. The one great thing about group fitness is the fact that you can reach a larger number of people However the inconvenience of schedule does lead to a lot of people not making it to workout. Consistency and accountability are two of the biggest factors in health and fitness and Matt and I wanted to bring that to our community.

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Tell us about the community aspect of the brand.

Matt: Cody and I are both big believers in the butterfly or ripple effect one small experience can have on an individual and then the individuals they interact with. Our hope is that we are providing a positive workout experience that brings our community together under one roof, and that that positivity radiates through them out to everyone they encounter. It is a really cool experience for us to foster an environment that sees such a diverse community of people coming together with one singular goal in mind, to simply be a better version of themselves today than they were yesterday.

Cody: Fitness has given us so much and we are hoping we can now use it to give back to our community and beyond! Health and wellness is vital to everyone and if we can provide that in a way that fits into the lives of the masses then I think we can say that we have achieved a positive impact in the world.

What is your vision for the company?
Matt: Our vision is to recreate the positive community impact our Sunset Harbour location has had so far in other communities in the South Florida area and beyond.

Cody: We want to expand to bring the convenience and stress free planning to as many people as we can. We hope that other communities find our concept to be as appealing as the Sunset Harbour community does.


The facility has been open for less than a year and seems to be pretty successful already, were you expecting such a great turn out for the first year?
Matt: When Cody and I first opened, we did so with Zero pre-sales and no one in the door the first day, how can you pre-sale a concept no one had ever heard of? We had modest goals of attaining 200 members in the first 3 months of business. We were so fortunate that so many people in our community came out to support us and our new business. By the 6 weeks we had reached our goal, and by month 3 we had doubled it.

Cody: We had no way to expect such amazing support and success. We had the confidence in the concept and new that it was something that everyone could use. However, it was really the support and love that we have gotten from this community that has gotten us this far!

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What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered throughout this journey so far?
Opening a new business certainly comes with its fare share of challenges. At first it was simply the mental fortitude to put this new idea out their and “hope” that your community likes it and wants to make it a part of their daily routine. Next was the balancing act of finding enough time to not just work at the business, but to work on the business.


How do you overcome those challenges and keep going with a positive mindset ? What are your rituals?

Overcoming the first challenge mentioned above was a lot of talking it out with Cody and strategizing every possible scenario we could envision that would lead to success. Neither he nor I ever entertained the thought that this may not work, instead, we shared a vision and worked toward it. The second was tough, because it is hard to hand your baby off to others to run. The ability to delegate has never been one of my strongest traits, but it was necessary to grow. We have been fortunate to hire an amazing staff of managers, trainers, and front desk personnel that have made our jobs as owners that much easier. Any major events for Sweat in the near future? (expansion, franchise etc…) We do have expansion plans in the near future with the goal of opening up 3 more studios in South Florida and 2 in New York City by this time next year.

Tell us about your partnership / relationship (Cody x Matt) How did you guys know you were good for each other in business?

Cody and I both moved to Miami around the same time back in 2005/2006 and though we never worked together prior to Sweat440, we had a mutual respect for each other’s individual business successes from a distance. Cody and I are both really hard workers, but both have different areas where we excel at that compliment each other nicely. With our mix of fitness experience, computer technology experience, and business management experience we were able to develop something unique to the fitness industry and it has really taken off!


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