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Posted on December 27, 2018

Sun. Swim. Summer.

Beachwear with / Aroon Duncanson

Sun, swim and summer, three words we are all familiar with here in Miami (throughout the year). But what are some of the best places to find swimwear? We spoke to local influencer, Aroon Duncanson, to share some of her favorite hot spots for swim shopping.


“I live for the beach, which is why I would not want to live anywhere else in the world. But that also means I have an unhealthy amount of swimwear, but the plus side is, I know some pretty awesome spots to buy swim,” said Duncanson. Here are a list of her top three swim companies to try this year:


Lila Nikole Swim, for fun, colorful and unique suits, designed in Miami, that fit every body type.
Myra Swim, for those days when you want to splurge a little more for your everyday basic suits to last a lifetime.


Bikini on Demand, for quick and easy shopping. “Bikini on Demand is a super cool site that has some of my favorite brands, where you can order a suit straight to your doorstep and have it delivered the same day,”
said Duncanson. 

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