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Perfect Self Expression

 words / Dr. Lynn Carey  |   Posted on February 27, 2019  |     |    health & fitness

What is Perfect Self Expression? I believe it is really listening to your highest self, your heart, and honoring it! We all have fears, social beliefs and mindsets that don’t serve us. It is important to live your life by the inner voice that ignites your joys, inspirations and passions.

Listen to that voice that encourages your happiness, not the one that tells you “you should”. If you’re not use to listening to the happiness voice, there are small steps you can do daily to get clear. Make a list of things every day that you are grateful for. Start out with at least five things daily and watch it grow as you become accustomed to focusing on gratitude. Pay attention to what makes you happy and don’t judge it. Allow yourself to follow the choice that makes you happy. Even if it’s a food choice that you think you shouldn’t have. Once you truly honor yourself, all cravings calm down and lots of things start to balance out! Finally, be mindful of why you are doing what you are doing each moment. Is it causing you happiness or busy-ness?

Is it pointing you in the direction of your desired life? Analyze those fears and beliefs that don’t serve you. Create ones that do! Do these things daily and watch magic become the norm in your life!


For more info, check out my YouTube channel: Dr. Lynn Carey.54 and follow me on Instagram @Lynn.Carey.54 Photo credit @ruthceronphotography

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