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Your New Nighttime Skin Routine

From Nature’s Magic Secret

Writer | @therollingsloan
photographer | @gianocurrie

Style, December 1, 2021

Beauty Products

Self-care is something we all need more of, but don’t seem to grant ourselves enough of. One of the best ways to exercise some me-time is to implement a nightly beauty routine that makes you feel good on the inside and out — where you’re happy to be treating yourself, but also experience results that show. On top of this, we all want to make sure that the products we use in our routines are clean, natural and

won’t do us more harm than good.

Nature’s Magic Secret is well known for its Hair Growth serums and treatments, but it also has a whole line of natural, organic, handmade skincare products as well. We’re always looking to up our glow, whether it’s by clarifying, minimizing pores, brightening the skin or simply improving tone and tightening. What if there was a soap that could do it all? NMS’s Face + Body Bar is a synergistic mix of ingredients from Aloe to Mango Butter to Turmeric that is hand blended to give you the ultimate natural beauty experience.


Merlie, founder of the brand, recommends that you cleanse your face twice daily with the soap, washing it off thoroughly, making sure to rinse at least 10-15 times. This exceptional soap can also be used as a mask. First create a rich lather with soap and water and smooth it on the skin, leaving it on for 15-20 minutes. After that, again, make sure to wash thoroughly, rinsing 10-15 times. Why is rinsing essential? Soap residue is one of the reason for clogged pores. Rinsing well really helps to remove all lather from the skin. After this, you can smooth on their Night Cream to replenish the skin and feed it anything that is lost. It combines Vitamins A, E and proteins with essential oils to cleanse and exfoliate the face and body. Both the Bar and the Cream can be used on the entire face and body, so you’re really getting that self-care in from head-to-toe!

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