Risks and rewards: life of an entrepreneur Mum

The Creative. May 05, 2021


The life of an entrepreneur sounds glamorous and exciting with a fly-by-the- seat of your pants type of lifestyle. We see posts on social media of these “entrepreneurs” in private jets and their fancy cars - the allure is strong. Who wouldn’t want to take a walk in those Louboutin shoes, it all looks so perfect. So what’s the reality of this,

how do we get started, and what does it take to have a life like this?

I have clients from all walks of life and all different stages of their businesses. Some are the seemingly “have it all”, and some are dreamers who need some guidance on where to get started. One thing is for sure, each entrepreneur has a fire in their gut that won’t be extinguished, no matter what they do. I often hear people say to me, “I would be so scared to not have a regular paycheck each month and not knowing where the next client is.” So yes, that is the fear of the life of an entrepreneur. Where is my next client? The risk is real! It all lies on your shoulders. There is a transition phase that takes out some risk and gives you some reward. You can keep your existing job and still work on your dream business on the side, or until you make enough for it to sustain the lifestyle you need right now.

For any entrepreneur you will need 


some form of investment to get started. In any business I suggest a minimum of $25k to get started. This is a grass-roots
technique to get on your way. Think about where to use these funds most effectively. Otherwise if you don‘t, that money wil