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Unveiling the Cultural Oasis:

Miami's Hispanic-Owned Hotels

Miami Vibes Magazine, Hotels in Miami

Miami is not only renowned for its vibrant culinary scene but also for its diverse and inclusive hospitality industry. Among the many hotels in the city, there are several Hispanic-owned establishments that offer a unique cultural experience. Here are some notable

Hispanic-owned hotels in Miami

The Marlin Hotel:

Owned by the Galbut family, The Marlin Hotel is another gem of South Beach.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Hotels in Miami

This boutique hotel offers a luxurious and intimate atmosphere with a strong focus on personalized service. The Galbut family has played a significant role in revitalizing the Art Deco district of Miami Beach.

Life House:

Little Havana: Life House is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Miami's vibrant

Little Havana neighborhood.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Hotels in Miami

This hotel celebrates the rich Hispanic culture of the area, showcasing local artwork, offering Cuban-inspired cuisine, and providing a warm and immersive experience for guests.

Sense Beach House:

Nestled in the historic Collins Park neighborhood, Sense Beach House

is a boutique hotel owned by the Martinez family.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Hotels in Miami

With its minimalist design and tranquil ambiance, the hotel offers a relaxing retreat just steps away from the beach.

The Betsy:

Owned by the esteemed Cuban-American family, the South Beach Hotel Group, The Betsy is a luxury boutique hotel with a rich cultural heritage.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Hotels in Miami

It blends contemporary design with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The hotel frequently hosts cultural events, including art exhibitions and live performances.

The National Hotel:

Owned by the Herrera family, The National Hotel is a historic

landmark that exudes Art Deco charm.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Hotels in Miami

This beachfront property has been serving guests since 1940 and showcases a distinctive blend of Latin and European influences in its design and ambiance.


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