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Spotlight on Excellence: Mr.Hospitality’s Culinary and Entertainment Innovators

Under the guidance of founder Mathieu Massa, Mr. Hospitality, Miami’s foremost luxury

hospitality group, curates extraordinary dining experiences within its array of

distinguished restaurants, including Queen Miami Beach, Marion Miami, and El Tucán


Miami Vibes Magazine, Restaurants in Miami

Queen Miami Beach Restaurant & Lounge

Mr. Hospitality' s prominent status as the driving force behind Miami's most successful

upscale dining destinations is owed to its assembly of top-tier staff, allowing them to

consistently deliver unmatched dining experiences that fuse culinary

brilliance with exceptional service.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Restaurants in Miami

Marion Miami Restaurant


Mr. Hospitality is delighted to shine a spotlight on two exceptional team members, Emin Babayev and Sebastiano di Meo, whose invaluable efforts and contributions have notably enriched the experience across the Group's sophisticated restaurant properties, reshaping and redefining the innovative offerings at each venture.

El Tucan Miami Restaurant


Miami Vibes Magazine, Restaurants in Miami
Emin Babyev, Head Sushi Chef, Mr. Hospitality Group

Emin Babayev, the esteemed Head Sushi Chef, joined the Mr. Hospitality team in February 2023, bringing an extraordinary skill set and a passion for culinary artistry. Emin's journey in the culinary world began with a childhood fascination for flavors, culminating in his pursuit of becoming a chef. His formative years in a Mediterranean restaurant ignited his love for the craft, leading him on a remarkable path.


With pivotal experiences at renowned establishments such as Yuka Kaiten in Baku, under the expert mentorship of renowned Chef Shukur, and at the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, Emin honed his expertise and creativity in Japanese cuisine. His tenure at Roka Dubai and Saudi Arabia showcased his adaptability and innovation in blending traditional Japanese flavors with local tastes, setting the stage for his international debut in Miami.


In Miami, Emin seamlessly integrated traditional Japanese techniques with the city's diverse culinary scene, creating fusion rolls that captured the essence of Miami's food culture. Continuously pushing the boundaries of culinary traditions, his distinctive talent in blending innovation with culinary heritage has left an enduring global impression.

As the Head Sushi Chef, he consistently forges ahead, crafting inventive dishes, introducing new menu additions, and delivering innovative presentations that redefine the acclaimed restaurant’s culinary experiences.


Sebastiano di Meo, Artistic Director, Mr. Hospitality Group

Sebastiano di Meo, the talented Artistic Director, joined Mr. Hospitality in July 2023, infusing the venues with captivating entertainment experiences. His instrumental role involves curating unique acts for special events across all Mr. Hospitality venues, including Marion, El Tucan, and Queen Miami Beach.

Hailing from Italy, Sebastiano's passion for dance ignited early in life, leading him to refine his skills at esteemed institutions such as the Royal Ballet School and the English National Ballet School. His pursuit of diverse dance forms prompted a move to Los Angeles, where he underwent intensive training at the prestigious Millennium Dance Complex, learning from industry luminaries like Britney Spears and Beyoncé. Returning to Italy, Sebastiano showcased his talents on stage alongside renowned artists and even graced television screens, amplifying his profile. His artistic journey took him across the globe, enchanting audiences in destinations like Cannes, Dubai, and Bali before joining Mr. Hospitality.


As the visionary spearheading all artistic entertainment initiatives at Mr. Hospitality’s establishments, Sebastiano has pioneered extraordinary immersive experiences that embody a uniquely heightened level of entertainment, setting a remarkable benchmark within the company and the industry at large.

At Mr. Hospitality, Sebastiano's visionary leadership has revolutionized entertainment experiences, notably orchestrating Queen's Halloween debut, "Royal Anarchy: A Tale of Twisted Beasts," featuring ethereal aerialists, enigmatic dance ensembles, and mesmerizing acrobatics that left an enduring impression. His commitment to crafting unforgettable moments extended to the recent New Year’s Eve Golden Majesty Ball at Queen Miami Beach, an opulent affair showcasing over 15 performers and musicians, redefining elegance to welcome 2024.

Sebastiano's ongoing creative endeavors consistently transcend themselves, ensuring each occasion presents a novel and distinct experience, offering something entirely fresh with every event. His indelible mark and dedication to delivering extraordinary experiences epitomize his unwavering

commitment to the art of entertainment.


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