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“As far as where the passion comes from, it comes from my family. And I know what they gave up in order for me to be able to enjoy the freedom of the United States of America.” – PITBULL

Miami Vibes Magazine, Kevin Heart, Pitbull
Credit - Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Gold Minds with Kevin Hart podcast interview with Pitbull filmed at the SiriusXM Miami studios. The episode premiered on Hart's Laugh Out Loud Radio (SiriusXM ch. 96) and has been available wherever podcasts are available beginning on September 21.

Credit: of SiriusXM and "Gold Minds with Kevin Hart;

Pitbull talks about the teacher that changed his life and the challenges he faced growing up.

The newly rebranded Gold Minds with Kevin Hart (formerly Comedy Gold Minds) premiered on March 15 on SiriusXM’s Laugh Out Loud Radio (Ch. 96). New episodes are released on Wednesday nights at 7pm ET with extended, exclusive content only for SiriusXM subscribers, with the podcast version becoming widely available the next day.

In its third season, Kevin has taken his podcast in a newer, bigger direction. While still occasionally hosting comedians, Kevin opens up his conversations to a broader array of the best minds in entertainment, art, business, and culture, to discuss what it takes to become the gold standard of their industries.


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