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Hagerty Garage and Social

A Piece of Mind for your Luxury Baby

Miami Vibes Magazine, Hagerty Garage and Social

These days, it's rather difficult to locate a dependable temperature-controlled garage that gives

you the social interaction you've been missing.

Keeping all of your expensive cars in excellent condition is a continuous concern when you own so many that you are unable to drive them all. What a dilemma! Thank goodness for this heaven sent place called Hagerty Garage and Social!

Hagerty Garage and Social has nine locations in the United States and Canada, including Toronto, Bedford Hills, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more—all of which are probably places you own property. Now that they’ve arrived in Miami…they just become cooler!

Hagerty provides climate-controlled, dust-free storage with 24-hour security, maintenance, and detailing. Since your automobiles are your babies, you’re going to want to treat them like royalty. Hagerty Garage and Social will make sure your star child gets monthly start-ups as well as tire pressure monitoring, fluid checks, battery maintenance, and whatever other great services are needed. Your car still needs some TLC even though it is an inanimate object devoid of feelings.

Another pretty cool thing about Hagerty Garage and Social…it’s not just a neat place to park your fancy vehicles, but also an awesome venue for your next social event! Do we hear a “vroom vroom and a shake shake in your near future?”


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