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BAROOM Club: New Standout Nightclub in Miami Beach


Miami Vibes Magazine, BARROOM Club

Experience the Reinvigoration of World-Class Hospitality

and the Art of Nightlife in Miami Beach

Miami Vibes Magazine, BARROOM Club

Offering nightlife lovers an irresistible haven for their wildest and most outrageous fantasies, South Beach welcomes BAROOM Club. With a detailed focus on individually-catered hospitality, divine entertainment, and devious antics, the upscale nightclub has set out to create one of the most uniquely immersive experiences offered throughout the late night in the Magic City. Step through the front doors on time-honored Washington Avenue into your own personal over-the-top circus cabaret dream, embracing your most uninhibited desires. BAROOM Club will celebrate its VIP Grand Opening over the weekend of Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17; doors officially opened to the public on Thursday, June 22.

The imagination knows no limits with BAROOM’s distinctive ‘cast’ that has set out with one mission: tantalizing your senses of sight and sound. BAROOM is the perfect destination for night goers looking for a wonderfully demented vaudeville of fun merged with outlandish artistry and seductive sophistication. Each visit to the destination will provide its own original experience composed of spectacular theatrics and carefully-curated performers that range from snake charmers and contortionists to crazy characters and aerialists.

Miami Vibes Magazine, BARROOM Club

BAROOM is helmed by Co-Founder Tony Michel, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences. With a traveled background in the nightlife and hospitality industry, Tony has assembled a team of talented professionals and interactive entertainers who share his passion for elevated service and entertainment, and who are committed to ensuring that BAROOM exceeds all guest expectations. Tony’s efforts, alongside General Manager Florian Mattone, have poised BAROOM to become one of the most sought-after nightlife destinations in Miami Beach, a place where dreams come alive and fantasies are realized as champagne flows and beautiful crowds meet to make memories.

“We are beyond excited to introduce BAROOM CLUB to Miami’s vibrant nightlife scene,” said Tony Michel, Co-Founder of BAROOM. “Poised to become an exclusive, intimate nightclub for those seeking an unforgettable escape from the ordinary. We look forward to inviting guests into our immersive, entertainment-driven venue, where nightlife and tailored hospitality unite."

Design elements tie mischievous, yet refined circus motifs with Parisian cabaret glamour, wrapped

Miami Vibes Magazine, BARROOM Club

into a sultry environment that evokes a sense of heightened extravagance and eccentricity. As soon as guests step through the doors, they'll be transported into a surreal world of performers, music, and unimaginable displays of hedonistic creativity. A human-sized birdcage platform connects the venue’s first and second floors and leads guests to explore the different spaces and wildly unpredictable wonders within. Moulin-Rouge-inspired decor, illuminated by dim lighting and dazzling chandeliers, adds to the alluring charm of the space, adorned in plush red velvet drapes and hues of crimson, black, white, and gold. With its mix of splendor, fantasy, and seductive decadence, BAROOM promises to be a nightlife destination beyond compare.

The space boasts seventeen private tables and two sparkling bars with one located on each floor of the site. The hidden main VIP section encompasses a vibrant ball pit that immerses guests in a sea of playful spheres, reminiscent of a child's wonderland. A hypnotic outdoor terrace is home to a playful photo booth, encouraging guests to snap and share their unique experiences. These elements come together to create an unparalleled sensory experience that is both whimsical and chic.

Miami Vibes Magazine, BARROOM Club

BARROOM Club is open Thursday through Saturday, from 11pm until 5am. BAROOM is located at 1342 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Valet parking is available at the venue’s front entrance and nearby public parking garages are located at 300-498 13th Street and 121-199 13th Street. For more information and table reservations, please visit:, WhatsApp Reservations at (305) 588-8284, or follow @baroomclub on Instagram.


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