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November 6, 2020

Planta Miami: Celebs You Can
Expect To Spot

celebrities in Miami

Miami is undoubtedly at the cutting edge of hip, trendy and most especially luxurious dining options. And with the recent surge in popularity of vegan cuisine amongst the younger demographics, strictly vegan restaurants have been popping up all over the greater Miami area. However, with increased competition and a saturated array of vegan options in the city, hopeful restaurant owners have had to find compelling, innovative ways to draw business. Right now, at the forefront of vegan luxury dining, Planta Miami has been able to effectively do this. Positioning themself at the center stage of luxury dining, vegan or not, this 100-percent vegan restaurant has been able to turn the attention of cuisine lovers across the world, especially celebrities.


Planta began with a mission to create decadent food while also promoting environmental sustainability. Planta works at “filing a void in the market of upscale, full service, plant-based dining options.” – ( Planta accomplishes what most vegan restaurant creators only hope to achieve—5-star luxury dining experience while also remaining sustainable. This restaurant serves as one of the most innovative, rare dining spots on par with even the longest established restaurants. From sustainability practices, community and sourcing visions, this restaurant has positioned itself to be one of the top picks of even the most famous celebrities.

Here’s a few familiar faces you can expect to run into.

Vanessa Hudgens

Popular for her role in the High School Musical trilogy as Gabriela as well as her music career, this ultra-famous celeb has been spotted her a few times, actually. Despite herself affirming she isn’t a strict vegan, but rather closer to pescatarian, Hudgens does pride herself on healthier options. Especially whenever she’s down in Miami looking for a plant-based bite.

Winnie Harlow

Then ultra-famous and stunningly beautiful Winnie Harlow, who grew in popularity for her uniquely gorgeous looks and her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, has been spotted stepping out to Planta South Brach for a vegan night out with her also stunningly beautiful squad of equally as tall women. Seeing this beauty out at Planta would be cause for a celebration nonetheless!

Bella Hadid & Hailey Baldwin

Supermodel Bella Hadid, famous for her empire family and highly publicized relationship with singer songwriter (The Weeknd) has been spotted at none other than Planta South Beach with comrade Hailey Baldwin, also a supermodel and newly wife to the coveted Justin Bieber. Dining out vegan style is a statement in of itself, but these two posted up cozy and sexy together during a meal at Planta South Beach has help catapult Planta into stardom itself.

Jaden Smith

Singer songwriter, actor and member of the long established Smith family, Jaden Smith has been spotted celebrating his birthday vegan style at Planta South Beach. Jaden has proclaimed his stance on animal cruelty as a dedicated vegan so it’s to no surprise he chose to spend his special day in luxury!

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