Perfect Squared Life  Part 2:  Wealth

Posted on January 29, 2018  |   Words / Dr. Lynn Carey   | health & fitness

Dr. Lynn Carey

In my previous article, I discussed the perfect square of life: health, wealth, perfect self-expression and love. Let’s talk about wealth! In my 18 years as a chiropractor, I couldn’t help but notice how one of the key stressors in life is money! It affects well being in so many ways. Most people spend a lot of hours a day working at a job that they don’t like, trying to make ends meet and then are too tired to even think about their dreams or passions. Many stay at a job for health benefits that really don’t support health. If they want to buy organic or get body work, they pay out of pocket; which if money is already tight,causes more stress. This is called the rat race!

Calculate Savings

I just read Second Chances by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series. His Rich Dad said, “When slavery was abolished, the rich created paychecks.” What’s sad is that none of us have learned about finances in school and I don’t mean balancing your checkbook! I mean how to create assets that pay you whether you work or not. Some assets are rental real estate, stocks that pay out dividends, or a business that can run without you managing it every day. Some of these come with higher risks than others.

Dollar Notes

I love the vehicle of Arbonne because the risks are very low and the rewards are very high! I choose to use products that have green science and are vegan, so that they are healthy for us and the environment. These are persona products you are buying from somewhere; why not buy from your own virtual store, create a tax shelter, create income that grows exponentially and is will-able! It also allows you to leverage your time so can start living your passions! We shouldn’t be working hard for money, we should have our money working hard for us, so that we can have ultimate peace and well-being. 

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