Perfect Square of Life 

Part 4: Love

 words / Dr. Lynn Carey ; photography / @ruthceronphotography  |   Posted on March 20, 2019  |    health & fitness

The most important Love is Self-Love. Self-Love is getting in tune with your body, your energy flow, your health, your cashflow, your mindset, your beliefs and your joys. Following your bliss is truly an art form made up of all these things that create a joyous and authentic life. When you come into your authentic flow, you begin to attract others who are also in theirs. This leads to fulfilling relationships in work and play. It’s not that you never have fears, doubts or things
that you don’t want to happen, but they don’t take over! You have the courage and confidence to move through them back to your flow and joy.

I think a lot of people get confused when they find out that I don’t practice as a chiropractor anymore and only focus on my Arbonne business. For me, I expanded from doing body work to sacred commerce. I could give many people relief, peace or an energy shift with an adjustment, but without them finding their perfect square of life (health, wealth, perfect self-expression and love), they’ll never find ultimate well-being. With Arbonne, I can give even more people an amazing blueprint to find their perfect square of life! For more info, check out my YouTube channel: Dr. Lynn Carey.54 and follow me on Instagram @Lynn.Carey.54

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