Posted on December 29, 2018

Perfect Squared Life

Words / Dr. Lynn Carey

Metaphysical healer, Florence Scovel Shinn describes how everyone has access to the Perfect Square of Life: health, wealth, perfect self-expression and love. I want to focus on health in this article and share my view of health from my own personal healing journey and as a chiropractor. Which is stronger: your belief in disease or your belief in your body’s ability to heal?

                  "Stress overload can cause havoc on the body."

Chiropractors recognize that there is a life force running the body and call it Innate Intelligence. Think about this: as you are reading this; your lungs are breathing, your heart is beating, your hair is growing and that is only a tiny bit of all the functions going on synergistically in your body!! How awesome is that?! Now imagine trying to control all those functions! You can’t! When symptoms occur, it’s not necessarily bad.

Take a fever for instance, we are taught to take a pill to get the temperature down, but what is a fever’s function? It is to burn off an excess of toxins, germs, carcinogenic cells and other debris the body doesn’t need. Once they are burned off, the temperature comes down. Did you ever notice, that many times when you take a pill, the fever comes down only to spike up later? The body has to do what it has to do and the pill just delayed the process! 
Think of symptoms as a way of the body cleaning house and finding its way back to balance. 


Chronic symptoms usually have a message. Listen! Stress overload can cause havoc on the body. Some stressors can come from too many toxins in, on and around the body. It only takes 26 seconds for a product placed on the skin to enter the bloodstream. What you put on your skin matters! The skin breathes and gets rid of toxins from the body. It’s the largest organ and so important to the synergistic dynamic of the entire ecosystem. An overload of pesticides and processed foods can cause build up in the gut. Your body is constantly cleaning house and repairing tissues, but when it is receiving toxins faster than it can clean them out; gunk, build up and symptoms can occur! Honoring the body’s process and not loading it full of toxins are key to keeping optimal health! But there is more!! I’ll cover the emotional and mental toxins in the upcoming issues!! 

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