Posted on December 30, 2018

The Party of the Future

Words / Jon Hipp  |  Photography / Lito Vidaurre


The party of the future will not lead to physical exhaustion, mental lethargy and emotional depletion. Recovering afterwards will be absolutely unnecessary. The party of the future will instead be interested in creating an atmosphere that releases all of our brain's "happy chemicals," leading to extreme rejuvenation, energetic human connection and euphoric natural highs. 

Exercise and healthy food will be mandatory; dance will be required; drugs and alcohol will not be allowed.


The future is here. The time is now. DAYBREAKER is that party. Birthed in 2013, Daybreaker is a global movement that’s now 450,000-strong across 22 cities and growing. It’s a 1-hour yoga or fitness circuit followed by a 2-hour dance party in the morning. Closing out 2018, Daybreaker MIA’s ‘Floaties & Flamingos’ was hosted at the W Miami Hotel on their 50th floor rooftop pool. Elizabeth led the pre-dance yoga flow, Cathy Medina got our Zumba on and then Dude Skywalker took us higher than we already were with their party music of the future. 

Onward and upward and with no recovery necessary, Daybreaker is curating the Miami vibes of the future.

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