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Remember when ordering Chinese Food was a last-minute decision? One usually motivated by barren cupboards and hunger pangs, invariably followed with guilt from overconsumption of the greasy fare and a headache from the MSG. Well put down that stale fortune cookie and step into Palmar.

A veritable temple of modern Chinese cuisine with just a touch of Latin influence. The charming 34 seat restaurant is located in Wynwood. The vibe is laid back and tropical complete with red lights and salsa music. The executive chef Raymond Li is a
young renegade. A veritable melting pot himself with a Colombian mother and Cuban Chinese father. His confidence is only eclipsed by his incredible talent. He admittedly had a rough start and has had more than his share of troubles in the past. But resilience is the main ingredient for Chef Li who has turned hardship into victory as Palmar was recognized as one of Bon Appetit’s 50 Best New Restaurants in America.

Wondering about the food? It’s not exactly what you might expect. Sure, they incorporate some of the usual suspects, but executed in a manner that is refreshingly unexpected. Working exclusively with super fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients,
Palmar offers diner’s variety and appeases even the most selective eater. From dim sum, to tasty rice and
noodle dishes, vegetables like you’ve never experienced and inventive main dishes and desserts. A visit to Palmar is about sensory overload. Sweet, salty, tangy, heat…it is an experience you’ll want to immerse yourself in,one that is meant to be savored, and shared with friends.

Address: 180 NW 29th St.
Phone: 3055735682

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