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March 1, 2021

Never a Dull Moment:
Best Music Apps

Best Music Apps

Today finding music is easier than ever. Before smartphones, we needed vinyl records, CD players, or cassette players to listen to music. It took many days to grab an album after its release. Thanks to modern technology, today, we can reach the latest released music from anywhere instantly and have a library of high-quality of worldwide music at our fingertips. Some of the best music apps have done all this hard work.


Finding music is no more a challenge when you have a Spotify app on your device. It has over 60 million songs from record labels and media companies. You can also enjoy exclusive podcasts on Spotify. The app runs in both free and premium versions. The free version gives you access to the songs in 160 kbit/s while you are online. Premium features allow listening offline and download high-quality music (360 kbit/s). The monthly subscription pack starts at $9.99.

Apple Music

Tech giant Apple developed apple music for their Iphones and Ios users. Like Spotify, Apple Music also has huge songs and playlists but more enriched music contents with music videos. It also has three live 24-hour radio stations. Except for a free six month trial for new subscribers, Apple Music is not free at all. The monthly subscription fee starts from $9.99.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming app developed by YouTube. The app allows users to browse through songs and videos on YouTube. Recently on, 1st December 2020 the service superseded Google Play Music as Google's main music streaming brand. The app is free with ad-supported and 128 kbit/s audio quality. The Premium subscription cost is $9.99, that includes 256 kbit/s audio quality and background playback.


Deezer has over 56 million licensed tracks and 30 thousand radio channels. Its flow feature allows the users to create a personalized mix of artists they like and suggest new artists. The users highly appreciate the algorithm. Deezer's premium feature offers ultra-high Flac quality music. The monthly subscription cost is $9.99.


Soundcloud allows the users to upload, promote and share audios, making it different from Spotify and Apple Music. Its Pro version gives the users to upload six hours of music and audio. Soundcloud is an excellent platform to promote new artists. Their music streaming services have reached over 175 million monthly users worldwide. Soundcloud's monthly subscription fees start from $4.99.


Like Soundcloud, Bandcamp also allows the users to upload music of their own. It supports the new artist also by making itself as the billing platform. The tracks you buy, 80-85% of the money, go directly to the track's creator. The app itself is free to download. But you have to buy tracks to stream and download.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music also has a big library of 60 million high-quality music. It gives you a collection of free songs that includes the entire Cloud Player Library with uploaded songs and the songs you buy from Amazon itself. The Amazon Music Unlimited monthly subscription cost is $10. You can get it in $4 if you use it in a single device.

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