Nature’s Magic Secret: 

Organic Hair Growth Treatment

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body care, November 1, 2021

Natural Hair product

Growing your hair and combating hair loss shouldn’t come with the sacrifice of using harmful chemicals and preservatives. Almost every product you find on the shelf (yes, even the ones that call themselves “natural”) contain some kind of added chemical or preservative. It’s just not fair, right? What would be fair is an honest, clean, non-harmful product that nourishes, strengthens and lengthens your locks – all using ingredients from Mother Earth and nothing else.

Nature’s Magic Secret is the passion-product of local salon owner Merlie Pubien. After having clients come in with excessive hair loss due to stress, medical procedures, or even from using some untrustworthy products, she started digging into the research on natural ways to grow hair back. She eventually began digging into her own garden to make her first-ever product, the Organic Hair Growth Treatment. We call this her OG hair growth product because she has a whole line of products that have followed since then. Each product is unique and effective in its own way, but all following the same mission for effective, natural hair care.

Merlie’s Hair Growth Treatment is a carefully formulated, lightweight oil-based product. On the back of the easy-to-read label you’ll find ingredients like peppermint and garlic oils to stimulate your hair follicles and wake them up. Because scalp health is so important, high-end palm oil has been included to bring moisture to dry scalps. To round it all out, the addition of specially-imported Haitian black castor oil, as well as Jojoba and Argan oils add even more to the efficacy of the product.

Merlie recommends massaging the product into the scalp at least 3x a week or daily for lost patches of hair on the head or beard area. For Before and After photos, visit

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