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August 1, 2021

National Foodie Holidays in August:

Where to Celebrate?

Word / Miami Vibes Magazine | IG: miamivibesmag

National Holidays in August 2021

There are many national holidays in August. And the best thing about them is that they fall during the summer time. So you can enjoy them to the fullest. If you are looking to celebrate -

here are some of the holidays and places to celebrate them.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Well.. the name describes it plenty. You can spend this day with yourself. Just stay in your PJs and order some chocolate chip cookies. On the other hand, if you want to, then bake some cookies for yourself and your family.


And just for some diversity, try mixing up different ingredients with chocolate chip cookies (except raisins). And enjoy a movie with all these cookies.

Celebrate at Cao Chocolates

Cao's masterfully made chocolates and cookies are worthy of an art exhibition. The stunning designs and vibrant colors make these creations the perfect gift for the art enthusiast and foodie in your life. Try one of the assortments made with truffles sourced from small cacao farms around the world, in unique flavors such as chai tea, bourbon, and Thai curry.

National Holidays in August 2021

National White wine day

There is a positive rainbow of wines in the world, but none so sweet and fair as those that are deemed white. Make no mistake, white wines are rarely if ever truly white in color, but instead are beautiful varieties of straw-yellow, gold, or yellow-green. White Wine Day was created to help celebrate this wine that stands out from all others.


Celebrate at Hanover Winery

This award-winning winery serves up its signature wine in several unique ways, including in wine slushies and sangrias. The winery offers shipping and in-store sipping.

National Holidays in August 2021

National Beer Day

For anyone who wants to take even a little glance around their city, one of the staples that can always be found is a good bar, a friendly pub or a busy night club. Whether a person is in rural Ireland, busy Hong Kong, the backwoods of Canada or even in the United Arab Emirates, there is always someplace to have a brewski.

And this day is perfect for those that do enjoy those drinks, and to appreciate the people who make them – Beer Day!

Celebrate at Veza Sur

International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August at pubs and breweries –or both, such as the Latin-rooted/Miami-born boutique craft brewery, VEZA SUR [ve-sah-soor], located in the Wynwood Art District.  This go-to destination for beer-lovers honors the craft of great beer while expanding the brewery experience with the Chopp [schoh-pee] – a Brazilian-style cerveja (Portuguese for beer).

National Holidays in August 2021

National Fajita Day

On August 18th, National Fajita Day recognizes the sizzling deliciousness of the savory Tex-Mex flavor found in fajitas.

Celebrate at Taco Rico Tex-Mex Café

These vaqueros took this tough cut known as skirt steaks and by cooking it over an open fire or on a grill and slicing it against the grain created fajitas, a best seller now in restaurants throughout the country.

National Holidays in August 2021

National cuban sandwich day

Does any sandwich fill the soul with joy quite like a Cuban sandwich? Probably not. While most people will enjoy the tasty treat on a semi-frequent basis, Cuban Sandwich Day is the perfect time for hungry participants to show the humble yet heroic creation the love and attention it deserves – and there’s a lot of reasons to love it.

Celebrate at Sanguich De Miami

There are some really great sandwiches in miami; really, really great ones. But even after eating them all, you will still feel comfortable saying Sanguich makes the best Cuban sandwich in Miami or at least come close. It’s magic from the first crispy bite: an always-perfect ratio of Cuban bread, Swiss cheese, ham, lechon, pickles, and mustard.

National Holidays in August 2021

National Rum Day

Rum is the third most popular spirit in the United States. Only vodka and all the whiskeys combined beat it for first and second-rankings. The spirit finds its way into citrusy mixed drinks, and cool blended summer cocktails. Join National Rum Day on August 16th as blended beverages and cocktails create a delicious celebration.

Celebrate at Diya Sunset Harbor

Hit refresh at Diya Sunset Harbour this National Rum Day by sipping on the Coco-Jito. Made with Myers White Rum, Malibu, coconut cream, mint and lime, it’s the summer cocktail that will transport you to an island under the palm trees and sun.

National Holidays in August 2021

National Waffle day

National waffle day is celebrated by eating waffles. It is celebrated on August 24. Unsurprisingly the day has become a bit of a hit. It was originally celebrated in Sweden but now eager stomachs all over the world embrace International Waffle Day.

Celebrate at Keke's Breakfast Cafe

Keke's Breakfast Cafe actually has a number of waffles on their menu. Some waffle options also come up seasonally.

Either way, guests can enjoy strawberries, bananas, pecans and blueberries along with their waffle. People can also opt for their Apple-Cinnamon Waffle or go for a traditional Belgian Waffle.

National Holidays in August 2021

National red wine day

It’s always a good time for red wine, especially on August 28, National Red Wine Day. On this day you can throw out all those stuffy rules about how and when to drink this nectar from the gods.  Instead, we grab our coolest glass and savor the taste of our favorite red wine

Celebrate at Cibo Wine Bar

Spanning 12,000 square feet over two floors, nothing about this South Beach destination is understated. Guests can pick from more than 3,500 bottles that span the globe

National Holidays in August 2021

National Banana Split Day

National Banana Split Day recognizes the sweet ice cream treat served with a banana, whipped cream, and various toppings. Get yours on August 25th!

Celebrate at Cold Stone Creamery

You're in for a frosty treat that's good until the very last drop. The ambiance is very alive and perfect for a sweet hangout with your pals.

National Holidays in August 2021

National Plant Milk Day

On August 22, National Plant Milk Day is celebrated. plant milk is a good, sustainable, alternative to dairy milk. Plant milk safely provides your body key nutrients and minerals, giving you the strength and endurance to live your life to the fullest.

Celebrate at Planta

If there was ever a restaurant that could convince you to go vegan, it’s Planta. Gluttonous pleasures like cheesy nachos, creamy pasta and truffle pizza are all on tap here and—despite their dairy-, meat- and gluten-free designation—taste better than the “real” thing you’ll find at most restaurants.

National Holidays in August 2021
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