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Delicious Libations:

Must Try Cocktails 

Must Try Cocktails in 2022

Miami is known for a lot of things, asides from the awesome beaches, serene environment, tasty foods, and adventure. What’s Miami without a delicious cocktail? Cocktails are a major part of the buzz in Miami and honestly, you will see a lot of wonderful spots around where you can enjoy them.

These libations, made by some of the best mixologists in Miami,

are the epitome of the holiday season in a glass.

 'Carrie's Diary' Cocktail

Limited-time-only Sex and the City cocktail at The National Hotel’s Bar 1939 as it was renamed to Carrie’s Diary , available now throughout the show’s 10 episode season. The limited-time-only libation is made with the exotic and smooth flavors of Don Fulano reposado tequila and draws inspiration from the elegance of the iconic National Hotel and the sexiness of lychee and muddled raspberry.


Casa Sensei

Put some extra cheer in your holiday season by sipping on Casa Sensei’s Apple Cider Winterita. The Pan Asian and Latin American restaurant is paying tribute to its Hispanic roots with this holiday take on  a margarita. Crafted with Rock N Roll Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, delicious apple cider, and topped with a cinnamon stick, anise star and the perfect cinnamon sugar rim, this cocktail is the perfect holiday treat.


Agave Bandido

Add some kick to your traditional hot chocolate this holiday season with Agave Bandido’s Hot Chocolate shot. This spicy shot includes anejo tequila, rum chata and fresno chilis complete with torched marshmallows. For those wanting a refreshing sweet treat, the Bandido Wonderland is the way to go. Mint + tequila? This margarita is made with house infused cinnamon reposado tequila, crushed candy canes, agave, and rum chata, topped off with a holiday sugar rim, mint, and cranberry skewer.


Miami’s Vice at The Lincoln Eatery

Miami’s Vice at The Lincoln Eatery is serving a contemporary twist on traditional eggnog. This cocktail starts out much like standard eggnog, a creamy custard known as creme anglaise, but get shaken with brandy, rum and bourbon for a delicious spiked treat.

unnamed (1).jpg

Shelborne South Beach

Spice things up this holiday season with the Maple Manhattan cocktail, a combination of Old Forester Bourbon, dry Vermouth, maple syrup, angostura bitters and cherries. The festive libation will be served at the retro-style Drawing Room bar during the month of December.

Holiday Manhattan.jpg

Stadaconé Noir 

Preparing to make its U.S. debut in 2022, Stadaconé continues on the epic journey of pairing its handcrafted gins with unexpected ingredients. The company’s U.S. expansion will begin in South Florida, a market flourishing with an outpour of new investment. Stadaconé Noir is the most exotic gin in the grouping and brings to mind the maritime Spice Routes that once linked the East with the West for European traders and explorers.

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