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July 1, 2021

Must Try Restaurants in July

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Must Try Restaurants in July in miami

Talk about persistence. The top restaurants in Miami have emerged stronger and with a stronger commitment to hospitality after months of lockdown. We've seen little dining rooms transform into incredible takeaway setup. We've seen fine-dining establishments ditch their white tablecloths and expensive crockery in favor of disposable plates. Many chefs and restaurant owners have also added new titles and responsibilities to their old duties, such as delivering meals and accepting orders, as well as using social media to stay in touch with consumers.

Our recommendations for the best places to dine in the city reflect the current situation, mixing significant inexpensive eats with some pricier spots worth your money, as well as waterfront eateries with amazing views and outside eating alternatives for those seeking some fresh air.

Zitz Sum

Zitz Sum’s food will entice you to return, but the restaurant is also the ideal size for a date or catch-up supper with a companion who enjoys the tingling sensation of Sichuan heat. They also have a patio with pet-friendly outside seating and a modest menu of natural and biodynamic wine.


They have diversity in their menu, that’s for sure. Delicious Crudo with strawberries, charred cabbage with habanero butter, and fried rice with a creamy egg, snap pea bits, and crunchy chunks of crispy rice are a must-try.

Zitz Sum food

Luca Osteria

If you’re feeling Italian Luca Osteria is the place to go. it's without a doubt one of Miami's top Italian restaurants right now. There's plenty of outside seating along a pedestrian-only street, as well as a basic dining room perfect for a date or a family dinner. But you don't need to be in a particular situation to come here. Simply come here, order the Patate Fritte, and remember to practice your Italian.

Luca Osteria an italian place

The Surf Club Restaurant

The Surf Club Restaurant by Thomas Keller, oozing with a 1950s vibe, serves nostalgic American food with Keller's signature touch. Begin the evening with a hard martini or a well-selected wine from the restaurant's superb wine list. The retro cuisine complements the space's vintage vibe, with dishes including beef Wellington, Caesar salad, roast chicken, and a can't-miss dessert.

The Surf Club Restaurant by thomas killer

Phuc Yea

Phuc Yea, one of the restaurants credited with reviving the historic MiMo district (and before that, it was Miami's first pop-up restaurant), serves a unique blend of Vietnamese and Cajun cuisine, reflecting the owner's heritage. Caramel chicken wings, seafood curry, Viet-Cajun style fried chicken, and the simple but always craving PY noodles cooked with tonnes of garlic and parmesan cheese are all served in a colorful and industrial environment. Its busy bar is a great place to go for a post-meal drink or happy hour.

Phuc Yea restaurants

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