A Return to My Roots

Words / Emilia Garth      |     December 29, 2018      |      The Creative Corner

My musical journey has been an eclectic one, spanning genres and cultures. My mother was a professional hula dancer. I was raised listening to traditional Hawaiian music and my first shows were singing reggae in Hawaii. I delved into the Brazilian music scene in Miami, before moving to Brazil in 2009 where I performed throughout the area of Riode Janeiro. 

After Brazil, I returned to my roots in Hawaii,this time picking up the ukulele as a travel companion. I toured Japan with my sister, Noelani Love, in the spring of 2014, performing original and traditional Hawaiian music. In 2015 I returned to Miami, devoting my voice and ukulele to sound healing by singing mantras at yoga events by day and performing soulful live vocals with DJs by night.

As a singer/songwriter, I’m extremely picky with my lyrics. I had a phase where I predominantly wrote love songs. Now, I like to sing more about self-discovery and how we each have our own path.

A constant challenge is to write positive,inspiration lyrics without being banal or cliché. 

I hope that people sing along with me and then go home still singing the lyrics. Regardless of the musical genre, if they sing uplifting lyrics, I believe that on a subconscious level, they’ll become happier.


It’s my guerrilla tactic to spread

good vibes through music.

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