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February 17-19

Tropic Bound Artists Book Fair

ropic Bound —South Florida’s first international biennial artists’ book fair— arrives at the Miami Design District’s Paradise Plaza. This vibrant event will showcase the unique artistic genre known as “artists’ books.” These complex creations bridge the worlds of art, craft, and literature: telling stories, sometimes without words, and represent a broad variety of cultural traditions.

Tropic Bound Artists’ Book Fair brings together over 60 exhibitors from across the US, Mexico, South American, Caribbean, Europe and Egypt. Visitors will discover the world of artists’ books while learning about book binding, paper-making and marbling, letterpress printing, and other techniques particular to this art form. Visitors can view and purchase works of art, speak to book artists, printers, and collectors, and attend talks and panels that dive deeper into this special form of expression. Tropic Bound events include guided shuttle tours of Miami's literary hotspots, a symposium, welcome party, 3 days of fair, and several intimate artist's talks throughout the duration of the fair. 

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