September 30, 2020

Fashion fix with Kasia Johnson: 

Miami’s Sustainable Brands

The global pandemic highlighted troubles that fashion industry has had for a while- the overproduction, pollution, working conditions of manufacturers and moral aspect of sweat shops. The fast fashion bubble had to burst, and now more than ever we are talking about sustainability in fashion. Let me introduce a few of my favorite sustainable fashion and accessories brands from Miami that are choosing to do some good for the planet without compromising style.

Jetlagmode                                                                                                                                              IG: @jetlagmode

Started by owner and designer Caro about 5 years ago, Jetlagmode was born from the idea of giving opportunity to people in her native Colombia. It is a jewelry house whose pieces are mostly designed by Caro are hand-crafted in Colombia, in the homes of the artisans themselves.

Over the past 10 years, Caro Baena has been educating herself on sustainability, and she decided to use sustainably sourced or recycled materials for Jetlagmode’s jewelry. Buying the leftovers from metalsmithing factories and mixing them with silver has become the base for her pieces.

Jetlagmode’s jewelry is built to maximize the usage of each piece. Ear cuffs can be worn as rings, statement pieces can be repurposed to studs, and the list goes on. Not for the timid, Jetlagmode’s jewelry is for those who love to stand out in a crowd.

In the end, Caro hopes that she and Jetlagmode will inspire people to make more conscious choices, and she cannot stress enough the importance of the seemingly little decisions we make every day.

Krel                                                                                                                                                       IG: @krelwear

Synonymous with tropical knitwear, Krel combines sustainability and glam to reveal energetic yet delicate fashion pieces. While knitwear is suuuper trendy right now, the brand has been around for 16 years! Big on the sustainability factor, Krel uses materials that are at least 50% sustainable, with Tencel yarn- the most sustainable in growth and production processes among them.

Started by Miami native and Rhode Island School of Design graduate Karelle Levy, Krel never overbuys materials, keeping the sustainability quotient high for the brand. For Levy, sustainability is the new way of life for us all. Living in a more conscious era, she finds that people care about where their clothes come from and what impact they have on the earth.

Krel’s clientele is a dedicated one, not just buying the clothes to wear, but rather to collect as well. Fans range in body type (knitwear will shape to fit your curves) and age, from 20-somethings all the way to 80-somethings, and typically share one common trait: they’re a bit edgier and fashion-minded than your average shopper. Glow-in-the-dark knitwear, anyone?

Pivot Market                                                                                                                                                      IG: @pivotmkt