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February 05, 2021

Valentine's Day Playlist with Miami Bred R&B Artists

Miami R&B artists, Nadége Nightingale

Winter is knocking at the door. Right now, every couple is searching for the opportunity to stay

in the warmth of their loved ones as much as possible. And singles are are ready to mingle.

Valentine’s day is not too far, and we’re looking for things to put us in the mood..


Music could always be the first choice to spice things up into a romantic episode. Rhythm & blues has the power to bring mental relief and healing to someone in distress. It can turn the sadness into a happy and festival-like event. If you are having a romantic candlelight dinner with your loved one, recovering from a heart break or simply looking to indulge in some one-on-one by yourself for some self-care, consider this Valentine’s Day playlist with Miami bred R&B artists.

Nadége Nightingale

“Smell the Roses"

“Smell the Roses" is musically enriched with different instruments. Electro pop and punk-pop layers are painted into this song. The song has beautiful heart-warming moments with soulful writing. Waking up in the morning and

listening to this song could bring an extra boost to your upcoming day’s event.

Brent Ewing

“Tuscan Leather”

The whole song is built up with smooth guitar licks that would touch the heart of any music enthusiast. Sweet notes hit with the catchy beats make this song appealing for the lyrics. “Tuscan Leather” is about a girl that Brent Ewing expects to be with. First Brent thought of her as a crush. But later he realizes this girl changes his idea of love. Brent expresses his feelings for her in the song.

Johanna Jordan


Johanna Jordan has a very emotive voice. “Sorry” is her debut single. This R&B soul track is composed in soft flowing piano music to overcast the emotions of the post-breakups. Johanna expresses her deepest sorrow and apologizes to her ex and ultimately to herself for their relation break up. Her melancholic voice and the soft melody brand the song as a classic love song.

Cedric Brazle

“Rather Die”

Cedric is a wonderful musician from Jacksonville, Florida. He has been singing melodious songs before he could speak words. “Rather Die” is a song about the betrayal in a relationship. Cedric feels like he would rather die than  bearing the pain of his lover’s betrayal.

Nia Ray


“Sober” is the first track of singer-songwriter Nia Ray’s album “What’s love anyways.” In this funky, pop, up-tempo song Nia Ray explains her addiction to her new lover and their relationship. Ray says “Relationships are hard, but people always make love seem so easy. I’m sure you’ve found yourself wondering, ‘I thought love was supposed to be this and that, could this be love that I’m feeling?’ Well…what’s love anyways?”

Yohan Marley featuring Jo Mersa Marley


Yohan and Jo Mersa are family members of legendary Bob Marley. As a family tradition “Brickell” is a reggae song in R&B mashup. This song represents the city of Miami as a tempting and attractive one. A perfect song to celebrate valentine with your partner in a late-night drive.

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