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Top Miami Hotels for a Self-Care Day/Weekend

Top Miami Hotels for a Self Care Day/Weekend

Feeling stressed because of all that Miami heat? Tired of partying all the time and want to get away from everyone you know? Sometimes you just want to go and relax

at a nice hotel where no one will disturb you. 


There are few hotels in Miami that offer an escape from the city’s scorching heat and overcrowded beaches. Here’s our top 5:

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort


This hotel offers the biggest spa and wellness facility on the East Coast. Some of the treatments the hotel’s spa provides are massages, sound therapy, and healing therapies. The hotel also has thermal baths, hydrotherapy circuits and over 200 exercise classes every week.

If you enter this hotel, you’ll probably never want to party at a beach again. It’s perfect for a self care weekend, so if you’ve got no plans for Saturday or Sunday, go check out Carillon Miami Wellness Resort!

Kimpton Epic Hotel


This hotel has a spa called Exhale Spa that offers mind-body classes like yoga, Core Fusion, and HIIT bootcamp. It’s located in Downtown Miami and it’s great if you want to relax and stay fit at the same time. 


Fusion Massage and Power Facials, two of the most popular treatments that Kimpton Epic Hotel offers are customizable, so you can talk to the staff and get a treatment that’s tailored to your needs. The spa also offers acupuncture and cupping. After the treatment, you can sit in the Zen Lounge and indulge in some quiet introspection.

Faena Hotel 


Spend the weekend at this hotel that has a Roman-inspired spa called Tierra Santa Healing House. The spa is on the third floor of the hotel and it has the biggest hammam on the East Coast. The spa offers shamanic body-healing rituals and treatments. It also has facial treatments that use Naturopathic and Biologique Recherche skincare lines. 


The first thing you want to do when you enter the spa is take a shower in the hydrotherapy chamber. You’ll come out of the shower feeling relaxed and reinvigorated.

Fontainebleau Hotel


This hotel was a regular hangout spot for celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, etc. It has amazing food and it has a huge spa that has hydrotherapy pools and private treatment rooms. 


If you’re not interested in the treatment, then you can get a day pass and relax in the spa, and the sauna and steam rooms.

Mandarin Oriental


Mandarin has an expensive spa that offers treatment rooms with private showers. It also has luxury suites that have a really amazing view of Biscayne Bay. The spa has detox programs for people who have had enough of partying and being around people. 


Visitors can also take part in group fitness classes, meditation, yoga, and lots of other activities. Just make sure your phone is turned off before you enter the spa. There wouldn’t really be any point in going to a hotel to get away if you kept looking at your Instagram DMs now, would there?

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