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 May 03, 2021

Meet Me at the Drawing Room


One of my favorite things about Miami are the endless summer nights. Those evenings that call for a sexy space, with greenery, beautiful people, music, culture and just dope vibes. 


South Beach, known to be the art deco district, is the home to many favorite foodies and artists. It's the perfect fusion between gastronomy, experiences and creative locals.

Entering the Drawing Room I sensed the mood, it was a sensual, elegant and romantic space. The lights were dimmed, there was a piano, deep red tufted couches, candlelights on the tables, vintage artwork, classic books, modern lighting and some latin tunes getting the vibe going. It was the ideal scene for a cocktail, great people having awesome conversations and creating lasting memories. 


The sushi bar quickly caught my attention, the rock shrimp roll it is, tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, topped king crab salad and tempura flakes with a side of yummy spicy mayo. The first bite I felt every crunchy sensation, the mix of natural flavors between the avocado, spicy mayo and crab, it was magical. Oh and when I saw the cocktail menu it was over- There was a drink called “Money Talks Tonic”it featured Money Bag vodka with a tropical twist. I was able to capture the essence of the aromas as the bartender danced and prepared this dream cocktail for me. 


When it comes to choosing a place for entertainment, atmosphere and experiences are top priority. Humanity is hungry for interaction, communication, awakening and simply enjoying the now with the people you love. Also, when you are of service, people come to you just like a magnet. Music and scenery are great ways to create those spaces for the community to come and support you. And being in Miami, tunes and culture come naturally. So next time you are looking for a great place with good energy, amazing food, positive vibes and much love!


From our sexy city of Miami to The Drawing Room. 


Meet you at The Drawing Room.



Gelly Guzman

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