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May 27

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Memorial Day Weekend with Candela Mamajuana

Kick off your summer celebrations with Candela Mamajuana now available at Shuckers in Miami! Taking the boat out and needing somewhere to pull up and dock? Shuckers will be your spot!

Candela is excited to offer their premium rum on the rocks, as a shot or in signature cocktails. Add the fuego to your Piña Colada as a floater or sip on a refreshing Mamacita. Candela tastes like a leap into happy, summer days with its smooth, sweet taste of the finest rum, honey, and exotic spices. It has all-natural, sustainably sourced ingredients and is distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane in its native country.

Dock & Sip Candela Mamajuana - Memorial Day Weekend at Shuckers

1819 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141

Happy Hour 5/27 5-7 PM

No matter how you’re celebrating Memorial Day weekend, you can pick up a bottle of the premium rum at your nearest Publix and make the Mamacita at tu casa (recipe below)!

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