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Kiki Barth: 
Being confident in my own skin is knowing who I AM.

Words: Gelsandra Guszman | IG @gellsandra_guzman
Photography: Sergey Yusin | IG @sergey_yusin
Stylist: Kasia Johnson| IG @styledbykasia

beauty & fashion 

May 3, 2021

Miami Vibes Magazine, Kiki Barth

Made in Haiti: The Warrior Kiki Barth. Her take on the precious gift of Motherhood,
its challenges and the realness behind building her empire!

If we could take a glimpse of the past- what are 3 things you would tell me which have shaped you to be the woman you are today? (Takes a deep breath) Being with the father of my son has had a huge influence in my life. I don't know where I would have been without him. He believed in me always, he stood by me when I needed help the most. So much so that we are currently still friends. My Mom has played a big role in my life. She is my hero, I look up to her. Although we were raised in different times, her being a bit old school with many aspects of her life, yet she keeps me grounded. 

The third is more of a life experience. I came to America when I was 13, I lived with my father, and my stepmother had the audacity to kick me out of my house at 15. I didn't speak English at that moment, so the challenges started, and it was a very dark time in my life. I had to think on my feet, adapt and figure out how I was going to survive. I started working at fast food restaurants trying to make ends meet. Although at this stage I wanted to be a model, my family was judging me, thinking I was crazy going after such a thing. I made a living for myself. I can honestly say I didn't marry into money. I did this all by myself, with the people that believe in me, and the beautiful community I started cultivating. What’s crazy is that I didn't talk to my dad for 10 years, and now he's my biggest fan!

As I walked into an amazing restaurant, ambiance on point, the tunes had me feeling the vibrancy in Miami, this tall, sleek, beautiful woman walking towards me as we chat on the phone looking for one another. I will be completely honest, it was a bit intimidating seeing her cross the street, she is a queen that takes up her much deserved space. With this being said, I share how she welcomed me with a genuine smile, her authentic self and great energy. Four hours later, we were still laughing, having great conversations and learning about how women celebrate other women, the beauty in highlighting each other, uplifting the voices of our sisters, supporting underprivileged kids through education back home in Haiti, and acknowledging just how blessed we are.

I was able to get deep on a few topics with her, learned about true struggles behind the star you see on social media, but these were all challenges which made her stronger, made her who she is today, and better prepared her for the empire she has been building, add to that the numerous projects coming soon.

Join me for the real scoop… But first let’s start with a few fun games!

Never have I EVER (Motherhood):

  • Breastfed in public- NO

  • Changed a Diaper in public- YES

  • Run an errand to get away- NO

  • Parked outside the house as a form of self care- YES

  • Used your kid as an excuse- YES

  • Been so proud you teared up- YES

  • Used parent language with your adult friends- NO

  • Had mom guilt- YES

  • Finished my childs meal- YES

  • Licked a pacifier to “clean it”- YES

  • Cried in frustration- YES


  • Miami or NY: Miami

  • Mojito or Margarita: Mojito

  • Beyonce or Rihanna: Rihanna

  • Reading or Biking: Biking

  • Athleisure or High Fashion: High Fashion

  • Pumps or Flats: Flats

  • Beach or Skiing: Beach

  • Long or Short Hair: Long

Miami Vibes Magazine, Kiki Barth
Miami Vibes Magazine, Kiki Barth

Talk to us about your journey to being “CONFIDENT” in your own skin? Being confident in my own skin is knowing who I AM. As a woman, I need to embrace and love who I am. If you think about it, who you are physically is not going anywhere, it's who you were meant to be, so love it!. I am not a supporter of “fixing” things, I am pro-loving who you are. 


As the Badass Mommy that you are, how do you manage your schedule to make room for your baby? To be present throughout her stages? I feel like I have a very busy schedule, but I manage it well. I am learning to set reminders on my calendar, and make those necessary spaces for my kids. I am currently looking for support, it's been challenging to trust someone else with my precious baby, and in these times where health is such a priority, but I know the right person will come along. Luckily, I have my mom, she helps me so much, she comes through, with genuine love. And although I might be crazy busy these days, I feel good, it never feels like work because I love what I do. 


What were some expectations you had about motherhood that you proved you wrong? Motherhood is different for everyone. It's a different journey for every mother. I believe that no matter what answer I give you it would never relate to any other journey, because the beauty of the world is that we are all different, we cope differently and we surpass things differently. I really had no expectations in the beginning, it was what God chose for me, it was a gift that I believed I could handle, because you would never receive anything which you could not grasp and surpass.

Miami Vibes Magazine, Kiki Barth

What are some stereotypes about motherhood that you have debunked as a woman entrepreneur? I remember when I was pregnant with my son I was modeling. At the early stages of my career it was a taboo for you to have a child. It was more like if you have a child, your life is over, I would never be able to model, and live doing what I love. Little did this world know how wrong they were, I took this as a challenge, I had my son, and my career blew up. I was much younger back then so my body quickly went back to pre-pregnancy weight, and I continued to crush it. When I went for Miss Haiti I was told that I couldn't let anyone know I was a mother, so I took the advice of industry professionals, and never showed my child to the world, I was scared. But I learned to be bigger and better, to show the world, this industry that was so superficial and harsh on human beings that we too as mommies can rock the runway. 


What are your favorite ways to create memories? With my family for sure. I refuse to record moments in the very instant they are happening. I live for the memories I am building. The thought of the moment is so good, so I enjoy it, in that very moment. These memories live in my head and heart forever.


I see you LOVE to travel, what is one place you are looking forward to visiting as soon as the world reopens? Dubai- Things are looking better with the vaccines so hopefully some time this year. 


How do you feel you are redefining beauty standards? Nowadays there are no standards, it's now about your level of confidence. Beauty is everywhere, this is the best age to be living. People are comfortable in their skin, you just have to feel it, feel the empowered spirit within, get to know yourself and go for it. 

How do you feel your culture and upbringing has influenced your journey thus far?Well being raised in Haiti has taught me so much. When I left Haiti, I didn't know what the meaning of racism was, I was 13 years old. Back in my country, we used to look at people that were white, and saw it as normal as if it  was just a different shade of skin color, until we came to America. I wasn't ready to face the realness and the struggles that this country was facing due to their skin color. I took a stand, I broke barriers in my industry and created those spaces for people in my community that look like me know that it's possible. 


How did you come about learning and embracing your purpose in life?I feel so connected with my purpose, so much so that II mean your purpose is what it is. Your purpose is what god has in store for you, you can't change it. Its destiny. It's written. You just trust and have faith. 


What is your favorite Haitian Dish?Anything with Legumes - Preferably Militon.


What is one tip you could give us from working with all the brands you have been exposed to?Be yourself. Don't be a DIVA that won't take you anywhere. It’s so easy for people to read you and feel your fake energy, stick to being authentic it will be your winning ticket. 


What are a few factors you look for when creating those connections with brands, prior to committing to any bookings or jobs?

I am grateful and blessed to be in a place where I can pick and choose the partnerships in my journey. At this stage of my life, I need to like what they are offering, I pay very close attention to details, I need to love the brand and know that I look good in that brand, and that its suited for me. I am in a place where I can build my own rules. 


How do you remain grounded? What coping mechanisms can you share with us to keep sane?

I like to be on my own, to feel no one, to be, to practice gratefulness. I like to be in my personal space, it keeps me grounded. 

What are you the proudest about being from a beautiful Caribbean island? Being Haitian makes me so proud. The fact that we were the first black country to gain our independence and to be freed from slavery. As a Haitian woman, I love the fact that we are very proud of our culture, our heritage is beautiful, and there's just so much to be said. Sometimes I feel so emotionally attached to where I am from, my roots, my family and how we as a country have influenced this country. 


What's your favorite song to jam too? Jay Beats-  I fell in love with an Angel.


What inspires you to show up everyday to keep achieving your dreams? My kids. All I do, I do for them. I am at a point in my life where I just need to make sure my life plan works out. I want to provide for them, I want them to be set for life. Also, my family motivates and inspires me to continue being strong and building my empire. 


What are in the future plans for Kiki? Any tea we can spill for our Miami Vibes Community? Obviously after the baby, things have been changing quickly. I am transitioning into a new path, I am still modeling, but I am looking into a new venture. I want to get involved in more TV, film, and shows. It's happening- so watch out for KIKI!


How can we best support you?

Thank you for asking this question, honestly I want to express how following on social media is not the only component in truly supporting me. I look for the community to be involved in my process, in my journey, to be present, to support my views and to show up as you are. Below are links to my IG profiles that have links to where you can better educate yourself on the initiatives I am currently working on, which mean the most to me. 


Check out my business pages:


Also, in honor of Haitian Heritage Month, I want you all to know that I am here taking up the space, advocating and sharing more about my roots, and culture with our community. 


Kiki- You are magical, you are inspiring, you are real, you are humble, you are beautiful. I watched you grab a group of women, introduce yourself, laugh with them, express the beauty in each one of them, and simply celebrate womanhood and how it's so essential for us as women to understand we are rooted in connection and love. 

Miami Vibes Magazine, Kiki Barth

Be on the lookout for Kiki: The JEFA!



Gelsandra Guzman

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