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Making Strides with Musical Vibes

 The Creative Corner


Shari Short (former Miss Teen Idaho) is a RIAA certified Multiplatinum selling singer/songwriter. She has worked with and written for Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson, Ariana Grande, Marshmello and many other sensations. Shari Short was invited as an acclaimed music creator to be a part of a She Is The Music (an all-female writing series and  nonprofit organization working to increase opportunity and drive equality for women working in the music industry) Miami’s edition.


What inspired you to get into music?
In all honestly, it was never planned. My older sister had a children’s musical theater and I would always play roles in her shows in the summer. And I started play guitar when I was 11 cause I had a crush on two boys that played. And I wanted to be around them more. I would always cover for Jewel  and Alanis  Morisette songs. But it was until I was 14years old, and a friend of mine committed suicide, that I started writing songs.  I remember It just being something therapeutic for me to get out the emotions I was feeling. And it ended up being a full song. And when I played the song I wrote for his mother and how healing and touching it was for her. That’s when I knew I found my calling. And that I would do music for the rest of my life.

Last time you were in Miami, you were involved in She is the Music Song Camp. What was that experience like?
That was an incredible experience. Not only did we write some incredible songs that week. But I bonded so much with the other girls. I’ve hung out with 3 of them on the regular even though we live three time zones apart. And just how we are supporting each other through some crazy times in the industry.

Which artist have you enjoyed working with the most?
That’s a tough one. There is always something so special and unique about each artist that I absolutely adore. I will say that currently working with Sofia Reyes has been such a joy! She and her team are like family. So down to earth, so passionate. And I think She is going to take the music industry by storm.

Any advice you can give to young girls who want to become a singer/songwriter?
Three things:
1. Perfect your craft: if you write pop music.... challenge yourself to write in a different genre. And even more challenging try to write in a genre you don’t particularly care for. Like country, latin, rap, or rock.... learn about them, understand how they each work. Not only will it give you an appreciation for all types of music. It will make you a better writer. If you play guitar, learn how to play piano. The more you learn, the more value you add to yourself.
2: Learn your business: this is a pennies industry. Make sure your pennies are being collected. Or you will miss out on thousands that will sustain you to keep making the music you love, that touches others.
3 Never Give Up: this industry is about resilience. Every “No” every “failure” is actually the best learning lesson. Get back up and keep going


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