Posted on August 26, 2018

NATURA collection



Fashion in Miami

Before Vega started her career as a Fashion Designer, she began by exploring every aspect and technique in the world of art. As you can see, her collection is a reflection of those methods. From recyclable items, photography, collages of pictures, to finally allowing herself to create her very own fabrics, Vega transferred her unique prints into fabric, making them unique pieces of art. Vega had one clear vision: to dress women with versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched, while delivering simplicity and comfort to the everyday woman.  

Vega’s career started in her hometown in Maracaibo, Venezuela and was then featured internationally during Dominican Republic Week and in the Collection of Moda in Jamaica. She made her first debut in the United States in 2010 and since then her collection has been stunted on the Tulsa runway and during Miami Fashion Week. Vega has won the competition for designing uniforms for Eastern airline in 2014, and has remained on board as Head Designer. Her notoriety has been undeniable, being featured in many editorials and publications for the passion she brings to all of her designs. Her collections are currently selling in Panama, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic , Jamaica, Miami, and Atlanta.

The new collection called “Natura” means natural in English and was inspired by hurricane Irma. She took numerous photographs and took some time to understand the extent the disaster brought. She was inspired to create a feminine line of comfort, versatility while adding a touch of art that makes the designs different from what is currently out in the market. Vega will continue to explore and reinvent new ways to create her unique pieces. Throughout all her designs, the objective remains clear and constant: to keep comfort and versatility of the everyday woman in mind.

Photographer: Nina Rodriguez

Fashion designer: Lisu Vega ( NATURA collection | 2018)

Makeup: Lucia Abuin

Jewelry: Georgina Doumat

Sunglasses: Textiles and Alchemy

Models: Avalon Phillips

              Rymarkable Miracle

              Paulina Grebeciova

Location: Noxo Studios

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