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August 31, 2020

Easing into life after the Summer: How do you do it?

Speed Boat

How to go back to your normal life without keeping the
bad habits from the Summer?

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare 

This is the most important step to adjusting to life post-Vacations. Go to the store and stock up on healthy foods. For an even simpler life, try to meal plan. Plan out what you will cook for dinner during the week. This will make staying healthy a done deal.

Healthy Food

Stock up on your favorite Superfoods staples.

Proper supplementation is key in life, specially during these times.
If you don't know which ones to choose, go to my IG for more info.

Yogurt with Fruit

Make an exercise plan.

It doesn't have to include hitting the gym like crazy. Just sign up for a dance class, walk with
your family, find something that will keep you moving. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to chronic
illness and health issues.

Online Workout

Forgive yourself.

Most people think that after vacation is over, they have to kiss pizza and sweet treats
goodbye. That is not the case at all. Just remember that treats are OK in moderation. And
hey, if you eat “bad” one day, you can get back on track the next day! Forgive yourself for
those “mistakes”. The moment you think of healthy living as a chore is the moment things will
get extremely difficult.


Start off slow.

Start off slow when you get back into the swing of your everyday life. Your body will need to
do a little adjusting, especially if you were rough during vacations.

Walking In Gallery

Live Happily and Healthily.

My main goal is to help you live a happy and healthy life, so I thank you for allowing me to
take part in your health journey.

Friends Who Work Out
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