Spring:  A Time to Let it Go

 words / Dr. Carolina Raeburn  |   Posted on February 27, 2019  |     |    health & fitness

Spring is such a lovely time. It’s time that signifies hopes and new beginnings. It’s also a time where many of us practice spring cleaning. Spring cleaning helps us maintain our homes beautifully. But what about maintaining a clutter-free mind? This season, join me spring cleaning the mind. The self-care-reboot may give you a fresh outlook and new perspectives.


Here are 5 tips to spring clean your mind:

1. If it no longer fits, throw it out.
I’m referring to emotions of course! Emotions can be like old clothes in your closet —worn out, outdated, or they may no longer fit. Negative emotions, like fear, resentment, or anger do have a place in our lives but sometimes they may interfere with our personal growth and happiness. At one time, those emotions may have had their place but if you see that they don’t serve you anymore… out with the old.

2. Get more clarity.
Spring clean your mind through the power of the written word. Grab a journal, a pen you like to hold, and write. Journaling brings clarity. It helps us identify our thoughts and emotions. It gives us a new perspective and makes our emotions appear more manageable.

3. Assess your resolutions.
Think back to January… think about the goals and resolutions you made. Perhaps you haven’t accomplished some of them? Ok, now it’s the time to tweak them. Rewrite your goals in an ordinal fashion to bring clarity and better time management. Bonus: this might boost your motivation and increase your zeal.

4. Be flawsome.
An individual is flawsome when they embrace their flaws but know they are awesome anyway. This is the perfect time to practice self-compassion; to forgive your faults and gift yourself a new beginning. Instead of dwelling on flaws or past mistakes focus on self-acceptance and flawsomeness. Begin to see each, mistake, flaw, or failure as a chance to grow —self-criticism rarely inspires motivation.

5. Prioritize your to-do list.
Life moves fast and so do we. It’s easy to forget things or feel overwhelmed by the number of things we have to do. One thing that may help keep your head clear is the wonderful to-do list. To-do lists help remove the clutter and decrease our chances of overlooking things. But a prioritized to-do list can make you into a productivity ninja. It can help you move from task to task without wasting time. Each morning take a few moments to write down your todo’s and prioritize them by order of importance. This small step may make a big difference.

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