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Posted on January 29, 2018  |   interview /  Crystal Tejera      |   transform & manifest

Jaycee Gossett

The Class by Taryn Toomey is a fitness movement that incorporates mind, body and soul.

There is absolutely nothing on the planet like it. One can basically shed years of emotional residue in a single class that would take decades to unfold in a traditional therapy setting. This is done through a deliciously intoxicating combination of music, sound, and movement. The magic born from The Class will truly catapult you into an entirely new state of being. 

Getting a taste of this powerful force can inspire you to transform your limitations and manifest a life beyond your imagined glass ceiling. The Class is a movement growing like wildfire. Sign-ups for the global offerings include cleanses, retreats, and one day immersions into the method and philosophy of The Class. There truly is a mystical force at play synching the body with the breath that continuously expands one’s capacity to feel and heal.

In The Class, you are taken on a journey that brings you home to yourself through the release of deep seated emotions that come bearing life changing fruits. The method is akin to a roller coaster ride, returning you to a love without stagnant vibes. This opens the doors for you to create from your true source.

Jaycee Gossett joins The Sacred Space in Miami with some serious unicorn vibes.  She took us on a sold out journey with the grace of a beautiful goddess. She simply can’t be put in a box. Jaycee is like the ocean, big hearted, warm, free, observant, and beyond containment. Believe me, I tried to capture her and was pleasantly unable to. She is the living, breathing representation of why I and thousands of other followers are addicted to The Class. She embodies a healing energy that is divine. The Class can only be experienced and should definitely be on your Miami bucket list of tropical shifting vibes. The Class by Taryn Toomey as a lifestyle brand offers a potent tool for embracing our humanity and shifting into a higher vibration. 

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Tell me about the birth of The Class by Taryn Toomey and your role as a founding teacher and director of teacher training and development?

The birth of The Class by Taryn Toomey is a combination of all the healing tools Taryn used on her own inner journey. Taryn attended goddess circles led by Allison Sinatra and traveled extensively to Peru where she developed a bond and beautiful relationship with Mama Kia. 

Everything from The Class came out of ways Taryn learned to transform herself and includes all the energy shifting movement, tools, and ancient practices to do so. She has brought everything together in a way that uses fire and intensity to get you into a grounded, clear, and open inner space. I have been friends with Taryn for over a decade and share some of the same tools for healing. I took my first Class with her in 2013, and by 2014 was teaching. I train the teachers and work with continuing education of the method, bringing it to different communities and ensuring the integrity of the brand as a form of self study through movement, music, and sound.

Prior to The Class, you were involved in a dance show traveling the world and studying dance as a healing modality in different cultures. What led you to seek dance as a tool for healing?

Dance is my first language. Some people have that gift of speaking multiple languages. I don’t have that, but I do have the ability to speak dance in multiple ways. I’m proficient in a dozen dance methods. 

As the only girl in a family with five brothers, I felt best when I was moving my body. It helped me deal with my feelings. It became the way I processed and grounded myself.

Jaycee Gossett

What spiritual teachers have had the most influence on your development and why?

There are so many influences! Every single teacher that I’ve had from my first dance teachers to each person I interact with daily. Everyone is my teacher that triggers both the light and shines the mirror on my own areas 
for growth.

How is the process to become and instructor of the class different than other fitness models?

The training is different because it is physical, emotional, and spiritual. It’s a three month rigorous process that requires our teachers to have embarked on their own personal development journey. It’s not about mastering the moves and teaching. The teachers in training have to bring transformation from their core. 

The Class is different as a training program because we help the teacher find their voice. In addition, special guest teachers are brought in to teach our candidates how to work with the energy of the studio.

The Class can be many things to different people. What is the primary intention of the teachers leading the class?

The purpose of The Class is to raise the vibration of all beings and to provide a safe space for personal transformation

The Class

“The Class is about lifting the vibration of  all beings.”

Tell me about your experience facilitating the class and the obvious explosion of energy being released through sound and movement?

It’s wild and what goes through my head is thank you, I have the best job in the world. It’s an honor and we all get to heal together.

What transformational tools and spiritual practices do you incorporate in addition to the class?

There are days that I teach The Class multiple times a day. Since I move my body so much, the complimentary balance to that is taking salt baths, lying flat on the ground, being in the sun, and spending time in nature. These very simple and basic things make me feel the best.

What’s the scoop with these magical retreats that sell out within hours?

The Retreatment is an immersive experience where you get to strip out all your day to day distractions. It’s for you! We think of everything 
for you. 

There is a 2-hour practice every morning, time to be on the beach, have conscious communication with other like-minded people, meditate, nap and be immersed in your process. Everything is encoded with intention and ritual.

Jaycee Gossett

What exactly does a deep dive mean in the global immersion program?

Everything is our own creation and comes from our own systems of self study. You’re invited to take the dialogue in The Class regarding your patterns, limiting beliefs and personalize it so you can work on yourself. We created this because so many people around the world want to take The Class and don’t have access to it. The Global Immersion gives you the tools to take the practice off the mat and into your life. It’s curated for you to have breakthroughs and re-wire what you need, all in just a weekend.

In a recent Instagram  post, you stated that The Class through movement and sound to process and witness intense emotions-creates the space for one to have “a deep connection to self, creating a doorway for one to connect outwardly in community.” What did you mean by that?

When your strip it all down, humans are wired to connect. We started in tribes and circles. Over time, the more success you have, the more isolated one can become. We know that being isolated and separate doesn’t feel good.  To connect to the universal thread, we need to remove all the things that create disconnection and that stand in the way of authenticity. If you're not feeling like yourself, how are you going to create change? Life doesn’t stop happening. 

The process of connecting to your own spirit is connected to all things. We don’t have to have the same views or beliefs because we can connect from what we all have inside.

Jaycee Gossett

The Class has been alive for about 5 years now. It's a baby and has grown wildly outside of New York to LA, Vancouver and now Miami. What manifestation process can you attribute to the rapid growth of The Class as a lifestyle brand? 

In some way, The Class is a basic human need. Every single one of us believes in the product so much. We are all here because it’s the thing that changed everything. The growing of wildfire is that it did something for you and then you want to share it with everyone you know. Taryn is also a creative genius and has been able to communicate the spirit of the brand in a way that people can authentically connect to.

The Class has partnered with incredible brands from Chanel to Fiji Water? What do you think the attraction is?

I think that brands, social media and the state of the world is attracting a need to be real. People know that real works. You can’t buy it. The practice is real and authentic and ultimately that’s what we all want. People want to feel.

How does The Class serve as a tool to address limiting beliefs so that one can manifest a life that feels aligned?

Observing thoughts...Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. The Class gives you the opportunity to observe thoughts, bring them up to the surface through fire and intensity. And then tune in and access the power of awareness to begin to shift them in the moment. 

How does alignment and thriving in your purpose feel?

It’s never a fixed place because things are always moving. I feel incredibly grateful that when I’m feeling out of alignment, I get to take The Class. Somedays I feel like I am thriving and some days I don't. We are all a work in progress.  

What can we expect from The Class in the months to come?

Our mission statement as a company is to bring the work of The Class to as many people as possible in the integrity of the brand. I want this to be a method that everyone knows. I want it to be on the map as a transformational movement experience that is shifting the needle in healing arts for people. We can expect to see more studios and would love to continue our residency in Miami. We also expect for The Class continue to expand beyond the mat.

At this time Jaycee expressed her gratitude to Miami, Karla Dascal, The Sacred Space Miami, Fiji Water, The Plymouth South Beach Hotel and how happy she is that they are being welcomed in.

Jaycee Gossett

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